US Polling Propaganda

US Polling Propaganda, by Mark Ellis.

The Real Clear average has always, from the first 2020 poll, “shown” dampened if not downright impossible prospects for a Trump second term. …

What we’ve … got is polling designed to sow despair amongst Trump voters. Duplicitous, manipulative, and underhanded attempts to create and conduct polls that unethically spin results in favor of Biden. …

Contrary to published polling that has consistently shown the president losing to Biden, it can be compellingly argued based on obvious Socialist Democrat desperation plays too numerous to mention that what they are seeing in their internal polling is not good. That the same flawed polling dynamics that consistently and preemptively showed Clinton as unbeatable in 2016 are in play here, and will be inexorably exposed as equally inaccurate when pedal reaches metal in the final days before Election Day.

That what they are seeing spells disaster for Biden/Harris.

By contrast, Mr. Trump seems pretty confident.

Maybe. If Trump wins again, the US polling industry will be exposed as partisan players, and join the media in the discredited corner.