Trump Supporter Shot Dead in Denver, Media Tiptoes Around It

Trump Supporter Shot Dead in Denver, Media Tiptoes Around It, by Jim Treacher.

On Saturday, a Trump supporter was shot and killed in broad daylight outside the Denver Art Museum. There was a Black Lives Matter rally and something called a “Patriot Muster” going on at the same time, and when the two groups clashed, someone was shot. The shooting was in full view of a crowd of people, and there’s footage of the attack from multiple angles.

The killer is Matthew Dolloff:

And here’s where it gets weird. Denver’s 9News, the NBC affiliate, says Matthew Dolloff was at the protest working as a security guard to protect their news team. ….

The Pinkerton agency, which supposedly employed Dolloff, is now disavowing him …

The shooter was identified as being affiliated with Antifa. But then the Denver Police definitively stated he wasn’t …

So: Matthew Dolloff is a private security guard who doesn’t have a license, he wasn’t wearing anything that identified him as security, and the company that was supposed to have employed him says he doesn’t work for them.

If that seems strange to you, then you have a more curious nature than most of the national news media. They’re tiptoeing around the story, giving it just enough coverage to cover their own asses.

That’s because the shooter is on their team. Despite the Denver Police’s initial claim, Dolloff’s social media history is full of leftist stuff — asserting that all Trump supporters are racists, responding to the arrest of a Utah nurse with “FTP” (F*** the Police), supporting Bernie Sanders, etc. — and he was identified by name as attending an Occupy Denver protest in 2011. He even posed for a photo at the protest, carrying a folded-up American flag “because corporations have killed America.” If he’s not Antifa, he’s a hell of a cosplayer.

Now, just imagine for a moment that the sides were switched. Let’s say a BLM activist was shot dead in front of a crowd of witnesses with cameras, and the shooter was an unlicensed “security guard” with a social media history full of right-wing stuff. Let’s also hypothesize that the shooter claimed to be working as security for the local Fox affiliate and/or Sinclair Broadcast Group station, but he was unlicensed and the company he claimed to represent was scrambling to get away from him.

How long do you think it would take for the national news to leap on the story?

But as it is, they can barely bring themselves to notice. The victim was only a MAGA-head, after all. He was probably a white supremacist and a Nazi and all those other bad things. He wasn’t really a human being.

A Trump supporter in Denver was executed in broad daylight, and the national news couldn’t care less. His funeral won’t be televised. Nobody on CNN will do the “Hands up, don’t shoot” gesture in solidarity. They’re just glad to have one less enemy.