Latest Gripe: Trump Took a Steroid and has Nuclear Authority

Latest Gripe: Trump Took a Steroid and has Nuclear Authority, by Sam Rutzik.

After President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, he was prescribed powerful steroids. Among other things, this has raised important questions about giving presidents unilateral control over nuclear weapons. … The president can legally order a nuclear strike on his own. …

Psychosis and nuclear weapons are a potentially dangerous combination. Even if the possibility of a rogue president ordering a nuclear strike remains a remote possibility …

What’s more likely is a scenario where a flashpoint occurs, and a president under the influence of this sort of medication chooses an escalatory response. …

Shocking. The administrative state needs to take control from Trump immediately.

But consider this, lefties (from Glenn Reynolds):

Kennedy was on a witch’s brew of drugs during the Cuban Missile Crisis, as we’ve known for years, and that didn’t lead to any calls for change.

“By the time he was president, he was on ten, 12 medications a day. He was on antispasmodics for his bowel, paregoric, lamodal transatine [ph], he was on muscle relaxants, Phenobarbital, Librium, Meprobomate, he was on pain medications, Codeine, Demerol, Methadone, he was on oral cortisone; he was on injected cortisone, he was on testosterone, he was on Nembutal for sleep. And on top of that he was getting injected sometimes six times a day, six places on his back, by the White House physician, with Novocain, Procaine, just to enable him to face the day.”

NPR’s take on Kennedy: “What a heroic thing this was.”


A corticoid steroid is not an anabolic steroid …. Let me guess, they’re implying it’ll give him ‘roid rage instead of making him feel good and eat more.

Reality schmeality. For the left, it’s all about saying whatever increases their chances of power and money.