Biden says voters ‘don’t deserve’ his stance on packing Supreme Court

Biden says voters ‘don’t deserve’ his stance on packing Supreme Court, by Mary Linge.

Voters don’t “deserve” to know Joe Biden’s stance on packing the Supreme Court, the Democratic nominee said this week.

In a prickly interview with a Las Vegas news station Friday, Biden doubled down on his refusal to say whether he supports expanding the highest court in the land to more than nine justices. …

“Don’t the voters deserve to know where you stand on …” DiMattei continued.

“No, they don’t deserve,” Biden snapped. “I’m not going to play his game.”

If the Democrats pack the Supreme Court, then it becomes a political court. That’s the hallmark of a third world country. It will lose its moral authority, because it’s just another bunch of politicians. That would be a seriously stupid thing to do, and most of the US opposes Court-packing, according to the polls.

That Biden and Harris refuse to say they won’t pack the court is scandalous. The media want to let them get way with not answering, but the issue is so big and important that even the media are balking.

Biden: You have to elect me to find out what we’ll do!

Biden is treating the electorate with contempt.