A Taxpayer-Funded War on Taxpayers’ Free Speech

A Taxpayer-Funded War on Taxpayers’ Free Speech, by Claire Chandler.

Over the last few years, left-wing politicians, academics and activists have fully subscribed to the tactic of suppressing views they don’t agree with. Across the world, we’ve seen businesses, universities, councils, tribunals, courts, the media and other institutions at best fail to stand up to these demands, and at worst actively support and cheer-lead for the suppression of free speech.

Emboldened by this institutional support, woke activists continually extend the limits of how far they can compel people to think and say things which are clearly not true.

How else do you explain the bizarre phenomenon which has emerged out of the US of ‘anti-racist’ training which forces white employees to declare themselves white supremacists and racists on the basis of their skin colour? Every sensible person recognises that judging people and assuming characteristics on the basis of skin colour is the very epitome of racism.

Likewise, we are being compelled to forget everything we know about the terms ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘male’ and ‘female’. Cancer-awareness groups refer to ‘people with prostates’ and ‘people with ovaries’ rather than give clear advice about who is at risk from deadly diseases. A trans identifying male in Canada infamously dragged female beauticians through the Courts for refusing to wax his testicles.

The overwhelming majority of people know that these situations are ludicrous, yet anyone who addresses them publicly is confronted with a multi-pronged attack from the woke — horrific online abuse (google ‘JK Rowling’), being dragged before discrimination tribunals (myself and many others), and pressure from employers, sports clubs and other captured institutions to modify your behaviour or face consequences. …

Topics like who can compete in women’s sport, who can access women’s health services and women’s prisons, whether it’s medically and legally appropriate to give children drugs to stop them going through puberty on the basis of their gender dysphoria are all important public policy matters. Yet according to activists and bureaucrats, any discussion of these issues which doesn’t fully accord with their radical views should be shut down. …

When are they going to silence politicans, officially?

With every day, Australians, high-profile figures and elected representatives all being hauled before courts and tribunals to answer for the crime of offending someone, it’s only a matter of time before this issue reaches the flashpoint of an unelected bureaucrat attempting to intervene in an election campaign by ruling that one side’s position simply can’t be expressed.

Given the past behaviour of these anti-discrimination and human rights commissions, I think we can safely predict it won’t be Labor or Greens candidates who are told their views are too ‘offensive’ to express to voters.

They already unofficially silence politicians. No air time is given to views that oppose the leftist administrative state, only ridicule. 25 years later, we are all Pauline Hanson now.

Yet, truth and reality will prevail. It always does, eventually. Just don’t be a casualty on that journey.

hat-tip Stephen Neil