Donald Trump Rewrites the Narrative

Donald Trump Rewrites the Narrative, by Daniel Wild.

Perhaps when President Trump said that he “had to confront [the coronavirus] so the American people stopped being afraid of it so we could deal with it responsibly” he understood that his personal battle would create an entirely new narrative about the virus.

Defeating it would be a powerful symbol that there is little to fear. Succumbing would dramatically prove the opposite.

Now that Trump, by his own reckoning, has got the better of the virus in just three days, and in doing so has done more to break the psychological stranglehold the virus has on citizens in the US and around the world than any social-distancing measure, vaccine, or mask-wearing ever could. He has embodied the journey that the US and the rest of the world must go through to relinquish their fear of the virus.

As Trump texted from the Walter Reed Medical Centre to former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, “If I had handled it any other way, I would have created more panic, more fear in the American people.” …

Just as pro-lockdown news organisations have paraded the rare cases of those under 40 succumbing to the virus, so now will the personal experience of one man represent the counterview in the debate over the coronavirus.

Boris went the nanny-state weakling route:

Contrast Trump’s handling of the virus with that of another larger-than-life figure, Boris Johnson, who contracted the virus in late March and required treatment in an intensive care unit. We don’t know the exact details of his condition and treatment, but we do know Boris missed his moment. Rather than lifting up the nation, he chose to poke fun at his weight, saying “I’m only about 5 foot 10, at the [most], and, you know, I was too fat.”

His personal experience of COVID-19 has been used to further empower the Nanny Staters of the public health bureaucracy with a licence to impose more regulations on an even greater variety of human activities, such as through the expansion of the NHS “weight management services”, a ban on junk food advertising before 9pm, plus the requirement that calorie counts to be added to restaurant menus.

No mention of long covid. Deaths of the old and sick might just be a side effect. Boris hasn’t exactly been Mr Conservative Dynamism since being infected.

hat-tip Stephen Neil