Work ‘changed forever’ by working from home

Work ‘changed forever’ by working from home. By David Swan.

Three quarters of Australians enjoy working from home and were annoyed it took a pandemic to give them workplace flexibility, according to new research from Australian software giant Atlassian …

Atlassian boss Mike Cannon-Brookes said that the future of work will be a hybrid model, in which not all employees will return to the office. He said staff will largely be able to choose the way of working that works best for them.

Atlassian’s research found 68 per cent of Australians reported increased job satisfaction as a result of remote work, while three in four declared they were annoyed that it took a pandemic for them to be able to work from home.

What has changed is high bandwidth Internet. Remote meetings have really only been widely viable for the last five years.

IT work is particularly suitable for working from home, so Atlassian would say that, wouldn’t they?

For employees there is less commute but more work time, but office politics and gossip suffers. From the company’s point of view, there are less office expenses.

The days of cramming everyone into an office in the city look like they have passed their peak.