Donald Trump on track to lose by a landslide

Donald Trump on track to lose by a landslide, by Cameron Stewart.

In recent days, while we have been watching the Trump Covid show, a slew of polls reveals that his Democrat opponent Joe Biden has dramatically extended his lead over the president.

With under four weeks to go until the November 3 poll, Biden now leads Trump by a formidable 9.2 points according to the RCP national average of all polls. This is up from 6.1 points only a week ago; a punishing response from voters to Trump’s poor performance in the first presidential debate. Some polls, like this week’s WSJ/NBC poll have Biden a thumping 14 points ahead. Biden has also extended his lead in the battleground states that will decide the election and he is even leading in states like Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio which were once expected to be easy wins for Trump.

Put simply, unless Trump can engineer a stunning comeback in just a few weeks, he is on track not just to lose this election, but to lose it in a landslide.

To put this in perspective, Trump supporters point to his come-from-behind victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, a comeback that began just 10 days out from the election. The polls were wrong then, they said, so they will be wrong again.

Perhaps, but the signs are much more ominous this time. Firstly, in the entire six month period leading up to the 2016 election, Clinton never enjoyed a lead even approaching this size over Trump, and certainly nothing like it with under a month to go.

Catching covid has been a disaster for Trump, because it focuses the national conversation on covid. The Democrats benefit if the conversation is about white supremacy, covid, or health care. Trump benefits while the conversation is about the riots, packing the supreme court, critical race theory, immigration, or the economy.

Notice how carefully the Democrat moderator in the first debate managed the flow of conversation to keep to on the topics that help the left.