Polar Bear Hunting Attack on Actor Rick Moranis

Polar Bear Hunting Attack on Actor Rick Moranis, by Steve Sailer.

Rick Moranis, the 5′-5″, 67-year-old mostly retired comedian in movies like Ghostbusters, Spaceballs, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, was the victim of an unprovoked racist attack as he walked down the street today.

Jim Treacher:

I don’t think Rick Moranis was targeted by a disgruntled fan of Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. His attacker probably didn’t even know who he is. I suspect this man, who just happens to be African-American, punched Moranis in the face because he’s white. I think Moranis was the target of the Knockout Game.

What’s the Knockout Game? Just what it sounds like. You find a target walking down the street, usually someone elderly and white, and you try to knock him or her out with a single punch. Maybe your friends are recording it, so they can post it to social media and the cops will have an easier time catching you. It’s considered funny, at least among scumbags who enjoy watching old people in pain. It’s committing hate crimes to entertain stupid cowards.

And it’s not racist because the victims are usually white.

Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press inform us that the Knockout Game doesn’t really exist. It’s a “phony panic” and a “myth.” No matter how many times it happens, no matter how many innocent people are beaten in the street, there’s absolutely no connection. It’s completely random. If you suspect otherwise, that just proves how much of a racist you are.

Larry Celona:

Moranis, who suffered pain in his head, back and right hip, went to a local hospital by private means for an evaluation before he went to the 20th Precinct to report the attack, cops and law enforcement sources said. …

“Welcome to [Mayor Bill] de Blasio’s New York,” said the officer, referring to what mayoral critics say is Hizzoner’s soft-on-crime stance.

“And [the suspect] will be out in minutes after he is arrested. Welcome to Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo’s no-bail New York,” the cop added, noting the state’s controversial bail reform laws. …

“Captain America” actor Chris Evans also commented on the incident in a tweet, saying, “My blood is boiling. Find this man. You don’t touch Rick Moranis.”