Shut Trump up by Turning off his Mike

Shut Trump up by Turning off his Mike, by Tyler Durden.

President Trump tweeted Thursday that he wouldn’t allow the Commission on Presidential Debates to move ahead with promised changes to the debate format, which the organization announced yesterday.

In a statement, the Commission on Presidential Debates said it was mulling what to do, and also raised the possibility of equipping moderators with new “tools” — perhaps including the ability to cut a speaker’s mic.

“Last night’s debate made it clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues,” the statement read. Although it didn’t say what changes were coming, the commission said it “intends to ensure that additional tools to maintain order are in place for the remaining debates.” …

Trump’s campaign held a 1500ET phone call with reporters to discuss the opposition to tweaking the format. During the call, the campaign told reporters that they don’t want to change the rules, and accused “swamp monsters” on the debate committee of having unseemly ties to Democrats. …

Finally, the biggest irony of all this farce, as National Review’s David Harsanyi put it, is that the answer isn’t to crack down on the candidates but to let them fight it out. “As with most issues pertaining to the debates, the Commission has it backward: We don’t need more rules, we need more open-ended discussion.”

The left cannot win except by shutting up the opposition. Even if the opposition is the President of the United States in an election debate!

We got the same thing in climate change. Climate skepticism is based on the mismatch between empirical data and the climate models. Particularly in the upper troposphere, which emits half of the heat emitted to space by the Earth. The climate models get it backwards — they say it should be moistening and warming (which increases emissions to space overall, aka increased greenhouse effect — which amplifies the increased greenhouse due to increasing carbon dioxide), but it is in fact cooling and drying (so more heat is emitted to space, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect from that part of the atmosphere — which counteracts the increased greenhouse due to increasing carbon dioxide). Huge miss.

I’ll bet almost the entire public haven’t even heard of this issue, but it’s the central issue in climate. The modelers know it, but the public and the policymakers are unaware of it.

Those mismatches haven’t gone away. But the climate skeptics have gone away in the public discussion, because they are never allowed to put their case in public any more. Even a decade ago we could never use graphs or say much previously in our very limited media appearances, but since then the swamp decided not to let us talk publicly at all. My wife and I are on a global blacklist.

Cancel culture is moving to put all non-left people on a global blacklist. Your turn will come.