President Trump, First Lady Test Positive For COVID-19

President Trump, First Lady Test Positive For COVID-19. By Tyler Durden.

Former White House Communications chief-turned-senior adviser Hope Hicks has tested positive for the coronavirus, reviving fears about President Trump, VP Mike Pence and other senior staffers being exposed, Bloomberg reports.

Hicks did ride with Trump aboard Air Force One to the debate in Cleveland on Tuesday. She also traveled with Trump to his rally in Minnesota on Wednesday.

Wonder where Drudge got this photo?

Other senior staff have contracted the virus and recovered, including National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, though few spend as much time with the president as Hicks.

How convenient for the left!

What are the odds of the right’s only chance catching covid just before an election?

At this stage in the election cycle in 2016, Trump was being accused of peeing on a prostitute in a Moscow hotel and being in cahoots with Putin. We now know Hillary Clinton dreamed that up and paid for the “reports”, while for three years the swamp pretended that it was real. (That’s all been dropped now, like it never happened — because it didn’t. Like the impeachment and Ukraine, it was never mentioned in the debate — because it was all phony.) It was an outrageous accusation, and it was outrageous that the FBI etc, played along. Ahead of time, few would have believed that the Democrats were capable of it. But they were, and they did it.

In 1933 it seemed preposterous that the Reichstag fire was deliberately lit, yet it was, by the socialists (to frame the communists). It was the excuse Hitler needed to override the election results and seize power.

So, could Trump have been infected by underhand measures? Perhaps his assistant Hope, who caught covid a couple of days ago, had her apartment broken into and thoroughly infected. Or perhaps … there are a million possibilities. So easy to infect someone if you had the resources of the American security apparatus at your disposal.

Sound outrageous that he was deliberately infected? Yes it does. He might have caught it naturally, despite the numerous safeguards around him. Like the murder of Seth Rich (the DNC leaker who was murdered in a “robbery” where nothing was taken, in 2016), we resign ourselves to never knowing.

Guess they won’t need to turn off the President’s mike in the next two debates, because there won’t be any more debates. No more campaigning for the next few weeks, as Trump enters quarantine, and maybe hospital or even a morgue.

Will the President’s doctors be aligned with the swamp? “Oh no Mr President, no HCQ, vitamins C or D, or zinc for you. That’s all quackery! Here, take this pill instead.” It’s not like Trump can nip off down to the pharmacy himself, because he’s in quarantine.

According to the American Council on Science and Health, the odds of death of those infected who are over 65 is 5.6%. According the the Mail Online, the risk of death for those in their mid seventies or higher is 11.6%. So for a 74 year old like Trump, the death odds would seem to be around 5 – 6%.

The US futures market slumped on the news.