Enough of the Ridiculous White Supremacy Question, Why Hasn’t the Media Asked Biden to Rebuke BLM/Antifa?

Enough of the Ridiculous White Supremacy Question, Why Hasn’t the Media Asked Biden to Rebuke BLM/Antifa? By Nick Arama.

Ok, are you as tired of this ridiculous “white supremacy” media narrative as I am when it comes to President Donald Trump?

Trump has never had any connection to white supremacy. Yet the media has repeatedly asked him to denounce white supremacists. Trump has denounced them for years whenever asked, as he did yet again during the first debate, three times saying “sure” to whether or not he denounced them.

But not immediately responding on the Proud Boys when he didn’t know who the group was, was deliberately misinterpreted as his unwillingness to do what he already has done over and over and over again.

Here’s a little compilation of some of the times that Trump has denounced white supremacists, the KKK, and white nationalists. …

Chris Wallace even asked the question in 2016 and Trump denounced it then, too. …

Any time they start this nonsense, the question should be “Check the 457 times I previously said this, I’m done. Now when will you be calling Joe Biden out on his support for rioters? When will he denounce the violence connected to BLM/Antifa specifically by name?” …

Trump has nothing to do with white supremacists. On the other hand, Biden endorsed the BLM at his convention, even having a musical number in support of them, while casting the riots as “peaceful protests.” He didn’t denounce the violence until he saw that the failure of Democrats to call it out and to not do anything to stop it in Democratic cities was hurting him in the polls. But even then he just talked about ambiguous violence. He hasn’t denounced the violence of BLM/Antifa by name. Where is his condemnation of their connection to 91% of the riots?

Where is the media asking Joe and Kamala to denounce BLM/Antifa by name? Kamala Harris and 13 Biden staffers contributed to a bail fund to help get people arrested during the riots out of jail. That resulted in more people allegedly being hurt. But it also indicates support for their radical actions. Why have they not been asked to rebuke that? Why has no one in media asked Biden and Harris why they/their people donated to get rioters out?

Not only was Joe not asked to rebuke them during the debate, but Chris Wallace also let Biden get away with effectively denying the existence of Antifa, calling it just an “idea.” Thousands of people rioting in the street with shields, explosive fireworks, tactical training organized through Twitter accounts are more than just an “idea”, Joe. The hundreds of people they’ve attacked and injured weren’t attacked only by an “idea.” The billions in damage wasn’t done just by an “idea.”

The left/media deal with the problem of left-wing violence by saying “look over there, a squirrel!”, and conjuring up a make believe image of right wing violent mobs out to kill Jews. They don’t exist. The Nazis in the modern US wouldn’t fill a phone booth — have you ever met any, or credibly heard of any? The whole right wing violence thing is a canard at this point, invented to distract you from the obvious.