Ballot Harvesting For Ilhan Omar Exposed By Project Veritas

Ballot Harvesting For Ilhan Omar Exposed By Project Veritas, by Victory Girls.

This is just as terrible as you think it will be. Project Veritas has thrown quite a hand grenade straight into the Minneapolis area, bringing the receipts to prove ballot harvesting.

It seems that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, along with other connected politicians in the Somali community, have quite an expansive ballot harvesting operation going on — so much so, that one of their operatives actually bragged about it on Snapchat. And not only are they going around collecting ballots, especially from the elderly, but they are paying for the ballots in cash.

Between video evidence and insider interviews, the picture being revealed is a system of ballot harvesting and payoffs so corrupt and entrenched that it might not be salvageable. …

Ballot fraud of this magnitude could definitely explain how, even though there was a lot of speculation about Omar’s lagging popularity within her own district, she still managed to pull out a commanding primary win, almost a full 20 points over her closest challenger. While local media attributed this to her progressive activist base and “get out the vote” campaign, it now looks a whole lot like a ballot harvesting machine of previously unrevealed proportions.

The biggest question is: now that the “open secret” is being revealed, what happens? We know the mainstream media will assiduously ignore Project Veritas until they are absolutely forced to cover the story, and even then the spin will all go the left’s way, as we no longer have a free and fair press.

See the link for the video.