Woman Who Tried to Drive Her Car Into Group of Trump Supporters Charged With Attempted Murder

Woman Who Tried to Drive Her Car Into Group of Trump Supporters Charged With Attempted Murder, by Rick Moran.

A California woman who was part of a Black Lives Matter “Caravan for Justice” group protesting the grand jury verdict in the Breonna Taylor death drove her car directly into a group of Trump supporters counterprotesting. Two people were injured and taken to the hospital. [The man suffered two broken legs and the woman had major injuries].

The woman, Tatiana Turner, of Long Beach, Calif., driving a white sedan, appeared to calmly get in her car and deliberately drive into the pro-Trump crowd. …

Turner was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. It’s the third instance of a driver plowing into protesters in California this week.

Ordinarily, you could claim the woman was surrounded by protesters and felt her life in danger. But that’s not the case here. She got into her car and began driving. Some protesters didn’t get out of the way fast enough to her liking and she sped up.

It’s a far cry from BLM protesters pounding on the windows of vehicles driven by innocent people and screaming at them.

Steve Sailer comments on the Los Angeles Times‘ story of the incident:

If you are very clever, you might figure out who was the criminal and who were the victims by combining clues in the 2nd and 5th paragraphs, but plenty of readers will get bored before realizing what really happened and intend take away the newspaper’s intended meaning: more murderous Trump Nazis ran over Peaceful Protesters.

It’s not until paragraph 11 of the LA Times story that it becomes clear: “The people in the crowd that were hit were in the Trump support group”…

You won’t be hearing about this in your mainstream news. Don’t expect your PC friends to know about this, or to believe you if you mention it to them.