The American Narrative is Being Re-Written: Now Anti-White

The American Narrative is Being Re-Written: Now Anti-White. By Daniel Goska.

Hate these people?

I wended my way up the Walgreens greeting card aisle. I stopped dead in my tracks. A card featured a cartoon image of a white man with a mullet haircut. This cartoon character wore a baseball or seed cap and a sleeveless t-shirt …

Over the sleeveless t-shirt, the character on the card was wearing a red plaid shirt with cut-off sleeves. Red plaid is associated with men who work outdoors and require warm, sturdy clothing. This is a shirt you could wear while working as a janitor, a plumber, a mechanic, or a landscaper. Even such relatively low status jobs as golf caddy or busboy would not allow this shirt. Behind the man is his home, and, if you are paying attention, you know exactly what his home is. It’s a trailer, one of the declassee models that would not be allowed into the better campgrounds. …

His mouth is open. He has one tooth. His chin is weak. He has no neck. Necklessness is a quality associated with sub-humans. …

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. collects race antiques. Such collectors are on the prowl for any product, no matter how obscure, that depicts African Americans in a stereotypical way. They cite the lawn jockey or the four-piece kitchen canister set shaped like a plump black woman in “Mammy” attire, and declare, “See? America is systemically racist.”

I’m throwing the gauntlet down. Tell me that “toothless white trash” images are any less contemptuous, hostile, and repugnant, any less saturated with the superior’s hatred for the inferior, than any given image of a Mammy sugar canister. Be sure to switch off safe search so you can see the hideous porn. Sights that, once seen, can’t be unseen. And then there are the captions, like “Donald Trump supporters are all toothless, inbred, white trash.”

Hollywood will only produce PC material nowadays — it’s official:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has established “new representation and inclusion standards.” At least one lead or significant supporting character must be “Asian Hispanic/Latinx, Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native, Middle Eastern/North African, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.”

Moulding social status:

What we are allowed to laugh at, be it Hallmark cards or Hollywood films, informs us where society draws its lines, and what groups it puts on what side of what lines.

If the greeting cards on the shelf at Walgreens were as diverse as the Academy’s standards, if there were also cards milking laughs from stereotypes of caricatures of people who are “Asian Hispanic/Latinx, Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native, Middle Eastern/North African, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander,” there would be no red flag. But there are no such cards, and redneck Hallmarkcards, beloved of many consumers, communicate who exactly occupies the lowest rung in woke America’s caste system. …

Fifty years ago, Alan Dundes of the University of California at Berkeley mapped the race morality of the white liberal. Dundes asked why Polak jokes became so popular in the 1970s. They were suddenly everywhere, from a paperback collection in bookstores to the Johnny Carson show. “Lower-class whites are not militant and do not constitute a threat to middle-class white America … with the Polack [joke] cycle, it is the lower class, not Negroes, which provides the outlet for aggression and means of feeling superior.”

Dundes’ research indicates that after the Civil Rights movement, it suddenly became uncouth for America’s best and brightest to establish their superiority over a black shoeshine man or restroom attendant. It was necessary to find another, easier target.

Polak jokes are not as popular as they once were, but Larry Wilde’s “Official Polish Joke Book” is still available at Amazon, even though Amazon regularly cancels “offensive” items. Hallmark’s redneck cards are cousins to the Polak joke. Both feature crude, disgusting, poor white people, people the left can safely mock and feel superior to. …

The targets of the left are who ever stands in the way of more socialism and good government jobs for the comrades:

[The redneck Hallmark card and various other cultural products] are all bright, red lines. They tell us: “You must say this. You must not say that. You must respect black people’s pain. You must always attribute that pain to white malice. You must never so much as imply that black people’s own choices play any role in their fate. You must not respect white people’s poverty. You must assume that they are poor because they are inferior. And when it comes to Christians, it’s open season. Those who violate these rules will be severely punished.”

Leftists insist that one fact proves that America is “systemically racist.” The average African American household has less wealth than the average white household. This is true, and it is also true that there is a higher percentage of poverty among blacks than among whites.

Here’s a number that is so radioactive that they never mention it: there are almost twice as many whites living in poverty as blacks. That simple fact throws a monkey wrench at Robin Di Angelo and BLM and every shrill, woke pontificator on social media. As long as we can diagnose the problem thus — “America is racist, all whites enjoy privilege, whites must publicly submit to a Maoist struggle session, and every film must have a black lead” — Robin Di Angelo is a hero.

Are you white? Do you want to avoid the stigma of being a racist in a “systemically racist” country? Announce on social media that you are ashamed, and you have white privilege. You have just bought yourself a pass from stigmatization, at very low cost.

When we switch the focus to poverty, and include focus on poor whites as well as poor blacks, the edifice of woke virtue begins to tremble like a Jell-O mold during an earthquake. With poverty, anybody’s poverty, as the focus, rich liberals cannot acquire a pass from stigmatization so easily. Saying “I’m so ashamed! This country is so racist! I am so privileged!” doesn’t feed anybody. A focus on poverty, rather than skin color, robs leftists of their favorite hated other, the redneck, the Polak, the white trash who refuses to play the white privilege game. …

Scholar Richard Kahlenberg has been publishing factually supported, cool-headed arguments for class-, not race-based affirmative action for years. The idea never seems to get anywhere, and race-based affirmative action continues to contribute to the under-representation of poor whites and Asians on elite college campuses.

When we switch from skin color being the problem to poverty – any American’s poverty – the solutions become a little more scary for millionaires like DiAngelo. …


LeBron James, as long as we focus on skin color alone, is a hero fighting “the man.” When we switch lenses, and focus on economics, LeBron James is a multimillionaire, as are many of his peers. According to Forbes, the NBA’s top ten players earn more than half a billion dollars a year. If you talk about skin color alone, LeBron James is a rebel, a crusader of righteousness.

If you turn your focus to the bottom line, LeBron James is just another greedy, selfish, privileged elitist looking, inevitably, down on the rest of us, who could never dream of occupying his throne. We, black and white, struggle to pay medical bills, to please bosses who balance axes over our heads; we lose sleep over sick kids and bad teeth and leaky rooves. …

When poor whites attempt to speak, to enrich national dialogues, we aren’t just silenced and marginalized, we are humiliated and demonized. This humiliation and demonization is supported by cultural products as diverse as Hallmark cards, university departments, and social media posts. …

Those of us old enough to remember 9/11 remember a rather miraculous 9/12. Suddenly skin color didn’t matter. We were all Americans, and we were deeply invested in each other’s wellbeing. Today we need respectful dialogue that includes poor whites. That dialogue, that will get to the root problems of poverty and culture, will elevate all Americans, in a united country where identity as Americans finally, as per the dream of Dr. King, supersedes skin color.

Over the last forty years, the left did an about face. Gotta keep up with the trends.