Are Liberals Responsible For the Consequences of Their Death Threats?

Are Liberals Responsible For the Consequences of Their Death Threats? By John Hinderaker.

Incendiary and violent language is used constantly by liberals, including the most important Democratic politicians. Thus, no one should have been surprised when Bernie Sanders volunteer James Hodgkinson tried to assassinate a group of Republican House members in 2017, and would have succeeded in killing Steve Scalise but for the miracles of modern medicine.

Since Hodgkinson’s assassination attempt, things have only gotten worse. Implied or explicit death threats from liberals, not just random nobodies on Twitter and Facebook but people with standing in the liberal world, have become rather common.

The latest case in point is Nils Gilman, who may be a nut but is also employed by the Berggruen Institute, which according to Wikipedia has an endowment of $500 million and annual revenue of $17 million. He also has 14,000 Twitter followers. So he is a liberal of recognized stature in the Democratic Party, not just a social media troll.

On Monday, Gilman tweeted a death threat against Michael Anton of the Claremont Institute:

Robert Brasillach was a Frenchman who was executed by a firing squad in 1945. So Gilman said, clearly and unequivocally, that Anton should be shot.

Michael Anton has some interesting things to say, which we’ve quoted from on the Wentworth Report here, here, here and here. The leftist counter-argument is to threaten to kill him. How progressive!