What It’s Like Living in California Now

What It’s Like Living in California Now, by AwakenWithJP. This is pretty good, in a bitter-sweet way:

Mankind, beginning with England in 1750, only recently escaped Malthusian conditions. For eons, the number of humans grew to match the food supply, and further population growth was limited by starvation. This kept living standards low. There were only minor variations in living standards in the ten thousand years before 1750, as measured in calories or the time required to obtain those calories.

But then the modern miracle occurred, as technological development powered by WEIRD European people outran population growth. For the first time in human history, there was plenty to eat and mass obesity become a problem. One group had cracked the problem, and shared it with everyone.

But since 1970 technological progress has noticeably slowed, social policies encourage smarter women to have fewer kids (“idiocracy”), living standards have been declining slightly in the West, and some parts of the global population continue to grow fast. The group that cracked the problem is increasingly reviled.


Black lives matter


It is by no means inevitable that humanity will return to Malthusian conditions, and given our current knowledge and technology it seems far fetched.

But still, you have to wonder at times. California is in most ways the most advanced society on the planet. If mankind were on a path leading back to Malthusian poverty after a brief few centuries of flowering, what would it look like? What would be the early signs? They would look a lot like the video above.