Locked down and living with it: Victoria backs Dan Andrews in Newspoll

Locked down and living with it: Victoria backs Dan Andrews in Newspoll. By Simon Benson.

A majority of Victorians have backed Daniel Andrews’ management of the second COVID-19 outbreak, with two-thirds of voters across the country also rating the state’s lockdown as “about right”.

The Australian’s Newspoll shows 62 per cent of voters in the state agree that the Victorian Premier has handled the crisis well, despite hotel quarantine failures and mounting criticism from the business community and medical experts over the prolonged Melbourne lockdown.

Separately, 61 per cent of voters around Australia, including 57 per cent of Coalition voters, say the ­restrictions, which have locked Victorians at home and prevented them from travelling interstate, were appropriate. …

Approval for Mr Andrews’s handling of the pandemic among Victorian voters remains at the same level as July, when the poll was last taken, but is a significant fall from 85 per cent in April. …

But more than one-third of voters — 35 per cent — in the state think he has handled the pandemic poorly.

People support measures they believe are protecting them from falling sick. But no more than that.

That support is only there because the lockdown worked, and is going to (almost) eliminate covid from Victoria.

In the USA lockdown is failing, because the borders are left open. The Victorian second wave that reached 700 cases per day started with one or maybe two infected people getting through a botched quarantine. Thousands of people come into the US every day, presumably starting several outbreaks per day. No wonder they can barely keep it under control, and cannot reduce it.

I can’t imagine there is nearly as much support for a failed lockdown.