Finally, woke ‘racists’ are being held to account

Finally, woke ‘racists’ are being held to account. By Fraser Myers.

The summer of Black Lives Matter produced a tidal wave of woke sanctimony. Every company and institution vowed to do better to root out the racists in their ranks and tackle the scourge of ‘systemic racism’. To win the woke bidding war, ‘anti-racists’ proved their commitment to the cause by disavowing their white privilege and confessing their own racism.

If you were to take these statements literally, you might start to ask yourself, how do these people sleep at night? How have people who seem so earnestly committed to anti-racism not yet reckoned with their own racism? How could bosses and managers allow a culture of systemic racism to develop in their institutions on their watch?

Of course, none of these confessions were ever meant to be taken seriously. …

Ha ha ha. Some of the woke might lose government money:

But now their bluff is being called, starting with Princeton University.

Last month, Christopher Eisgruber, president of Princeton, wrote an earnest open letter about his university’s efforts to combat ‘systemic racism’. Despite the university’s commitment to inclusion, ‘racism and the damage it does to people of colour nevertheless persist at Princeton as in our society’, wrote Eisgruber. Worse still, ‘racist assumptions… remain embedded in structures of the university itself’. Eisgruber’s confession followed another letter signed by faculty members in July, which warned that ‘anti-black racism has a visible bearing upon Princeton’s campus makeup and its hiring practices’.



Thanks to these admissions, the Washington Examiner reports that the US Department of Education has opened an investigation into Princeton for potentially falling foul of civil-rights laws. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes clear that ‘no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, colour or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any programme or activity receiving federal financial assistance’.

If the Department of Education concludes — in line with Princeton’s own admission — that it has been discriminating against black students, Princeton could lose millions in federal funding. ‘Based on its admitted racism, the US Department of Education is concerned Princeton’s non-discrimination and equal-opportunity assurances… may have been false’, said the department.

The department’s logic makes perfect sense. Presumably, if a university caught a student committing acts of racism, he or she would be expelled. A company would be quick to fire an employee overheard making racist remarks. So when a university leader ‘admits’ to a culture of racism, why should there not be consequences? In so freely admitting racism, woke institutions have made a rod for their own backs.

Better get your definition of “racism” straight, son. This systematic racism of which you speak — is there any evidence, other than disparate outcomes?

Now that there is price for spouting this nonsense, it might get interesting. Settling back with popcorn.

hat-tip Stephen Neil