America’s China Class Launches a New War Against Trump: The corporate, tech, and media elites will not allow Trump to come between them and Chinese money

America’s China Class Launches a New War Against Trump: The corporate, tech, and media elites will not allow Trump to come between them and Chinese money , by Lee Smith.

Trump stories are rarely about Trump. The same stories, or versions of them, would have targeted anyone who threatened to sever the American political, corporate, and cultural elite’s economic lifeline to the Chinese Communist Party. It is largely because Trump sought to decouple the United States from the CCP that America’s China Class, which owns the platforms on which Americans communicate, has waged a relentless campaign of information warfare against him through its social media and prestige media brands.

Consider the last two anti-Trump info ops: He gratuitously denigrated the historical suffering of African Americans, and he expressed contempt for America’s war dead. These are the sort of false allegations that political operatives are tasked to manufacture and disseminate during election season. … That’s politics 101, since the time of the Romans.

What’s new is that this is now journalism too. Since the internet defunded the press at the end of the 20th century and social media became the dominant player in America’s information space, journalism has abandoned the traditional standards and practices that once defined reporting.

For instance, the smear holding that Trump is contemptuous of the military was supposedly based on four anonymous sources recalling exchanges from three years ago, which have been contradicted by dozens of named sources, some of whom were physically present when the comments were supposedly made — and some of whom have been public Trump opponents. In traditional journalistic terms, that’s not a news story — that’s a failed attack line.

It’s not the Russians, or even the Chinese, it’s certain Americans:

The debate in Washington, D.C., over which great power is feeding more disinformation into the 2020 election cycle isn’t real — it’s not Russia, as collusion impresario and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff claims, nor, as Attorney General William Barr says, is it China, though he’s closer to the truth.

The source of the purposeful disinformation pouring into the American public sphere like untreated sewage is the American elite, led by its tech oligarchs, who own the platforms on which information campaigns are staged and laundered to protect their core interests — foremost among them being cheap Chinese labor and access to Chinese markets. …

Follow the money:

The central pillar of the corrupt new order is the American elite’s relationship with China. …

By threatening to split the United States from China, Trump earned the enmity of America’s China Class, which is working hard to remove him from office, and replace him with someone more pliant. …

Trump was not the first presidential candidate who noticed there was a tremendous political opportunity in picking up the support of a middle class undone by the ruling class’s foreign trade practices. Democratic Congressman Richard Gephardt made the same case during the 1988 election cycle. Gephardt lost. He lost again in 1992.

By the time the Clinton White House granted China most favored nation trade status in 2000, all of Washington knew that America was running a vast trade deficit that was destined to increase with accession to the World Trade Organization. The price for lifting tens of millions of rural Chinese peasants out of poverty through favorable trade arrangements would be tens of millions of American lives ruined, even as large American companies like Apple and Nike and bankers like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs got richer. The elite reasoned that they had no choice: The rise of China was inevitable. Why fight it?

American political and corporate elites didn’t choose decline. They chose to get rich.

By shipping America’s manufacturing base off to China, they seized a business opportunity the likes of which had never been seen before — an enormous captive labor force controlled by an authoritarian regime that guaranteed the steady production of goods at a fraction of what it would cost at home.

American cultural elites (Hollywood, sports, art, etc.) who exploited the increasingly large Chinese market for their products provided cover for the China Class cohort with messaging that dovetailed with CCP propaganda. …

Who were Americans to judge a great and ancient civilization like China’s for jailing dissidents and enslaving the Uighur minority? Doesn’t America have its own history of slavery and political prisoners? It’s racist to protect American jobs. Those jobs aren’t coming back and there is nothing to be done about it, as Barack Obama famously said — unless you have a magic wand

The elites use the left to attack Trump on their platforms. Orange man bad … because it gets in the way of their profits.

Calling out the American elite for betraying American interests in the service of their own personal and corporate bottom lines helped Donald Trump win the presidency. But it’s not clear that he truly understood how deeply entwined Beijing’s interests were with America’s China Class—and that trying to decouple the two would lead to an attempt at a permanent coup by the new techno-elite, targeting not just him and his supporters but the foundations of the republic, from our military to the media, and from our justice system to the institution of the presidency itself.

The American elite’s financial relationship with China is the key to understanding what’s been happening in America the past four years. Any president, Democrat or Republican, who took on China would have been targeted by the China Class.



Biden? Up to his neck in it, with his son:

Joe Biden’s Corruption in China WAY WORSE than What He Did in Ukraine, by American Liberty Report.

The ex-Obama number two and his son, Hunter, actively flew to China to hold high-level, backroom talks and get paid. The money flowing from China into the Biden family bank accounts appears to be why Sleazy Joe Biden is the only politician who wants to go easy on China’s thieving ways. …



Hunter Biden was reportedly flown to the communist nation on Air Force Two to meet high-level financial officers. Soon after, a $1.5 billion deal was inked.

“China should start an investigation into the Bidens because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine,” Pres. Trump reportedly said.

But what the president may not yet understand is that Biden owes China, big league. Joe Biden was spearheading high-level trade negotiations during the Obama years. He pushed forward the notorious Trans-Pacific Partnership that would have hamstrung U.S. companies to fight China’s corrupt practices. If it seemed as if Sleazy Joe Biden was selling out working Americans, he was.


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