Victorian Government’s Racism Helped Cause Virus Disaster

Victorian Government’s Racism Helped Cause Virus Disaster, by Andrew Bolt.

Now we learn just how mad the Andrews Government’s “inclusivity” policies were — from trusting security at a quarantine hotel to an “indigenous owned” company that wasn’t a preferred tenderer, to having guards with poor English and religious objections to hand sanitisers. …

“The appointment of Unified (Security) proved controversial because, unlike Wilson and MSS, it was not on the government’s preferred panel of security suppliers. Despite this, Unified ended up doing the bulk of the hotel quarantine work.” …

Unified was hired because it was “Aboriginal owned”:

What was the point of this policy if this “Aboriginal” business was just going to hire casuals off the street, of whom very few, if any, were Aboriginal? And here is the Aboriginal owner, David Millward, whose race was rewarded with this $44 million contract — you know, to encourage other underprivileged Aborigines:

The guards then hired — and not just by Unified — were casuals, and many from immigrant or minority backgrounds, which became a problem:

“… the young, healthy and socially active guards were reluctant to undergo testing, while language barriers and a general­ distrust of government saw them less than forthcoming in interviews with contact tracers. … Many of the guards live in crowded, dense accommodation and are reluctant to accept our offer of alternative accommodation.”

Something similar may have happened in Sweden. The Sweden covid cases are disproportionately concentrated in the  Somali community in Stockholm (and that small section of Swedish society , with any luck, might be nearing herd immunity). Most people catch covid at home, sharing an indoor space for long periods with an infected householder. Some young Somalis in Sweden work in aged care centers, which led to many of the Swedish covid deaths.

Poor English wasn’t the only problem, particularly with Muslim guards:

“In mid-June, the company’s manager noted that security guards had informed the agency “they were concerned about using hand sanitiser because it is against their religion”.”

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