BLM’s Hitlerian Heart

BLM’s Hitlerian Heart, by David Cole.

It’s impressive how rapidly Black Lives Matter has worn out its welcome with whites. I say impressive, because it takes skill to burn up so much goodwill so quickly. Among whites, support for BLM rose dramatically in the immediate aftermath of the passing of St. George (Floyd).

But as of today, support for BLM is at a lower level than it was pre-Floyd. In the space of three months, BLM received a huge bump of support only to level out and sink lower, ending the summer worse off with whites than in the period before the Floyd bump. …

Can’t imagine why. Bloody little Marxists.

Most white folks who support the “fight against racism” do so based on the belief, and the assumption, that the endgame — the goal — is fellowship. “We all rise together.” Help one to help all. This is how whites get suckered into these schemes, and why they initially threw so much support behind an organization many of us had pegged as a violent terrorist cult since its inception. It’s not just paternalism (“Oh, those poor black dears! Let’s help them breathe!”); it’s also the belief that there’s a place for whites in the “civil rights” struggle. That it’s a mutually beneficial endeavor.

When the BLM riots began after St. George’s martyrdom, many whites likely assumed that the old rules still applied, that whites were welcome as long as they were willing to prostrate themselves. “Sure, the blacks are angry, and sure they’re angry at me as a white person. But by gum, they’re just trying to help me better myself! Yes, my silence was violence! I’m the real villain here. I’ll fess up, promise to improve, and we’ll lock arms like olden times and march like brothers.”

In BLM, racist bigotry, tribalism, and kinship triumphs over color blindness, egged on by the calculating political left:

But soon enough BLM showed its true coloreds. It eschewed any desire to approach the topic of police violence from a colorblind perspective.

If “police reform” were truly the goal, then the numerous stories of whites who’ve been the victims of bad arrests and unjustified shootings would have a place in the discussion, if only to demonstrate that the “fight” is for everyone’s benefit.

But BLM is an expressly antiwhite organization, a hate group in the truest, purest sense. We see that hatred in every move BLM makes, from targeting white residential neighborhoods to harassing whites as they eat, drive, or walk down the street. BLM is not seeking partnership. Whites can only satisfy BLM by fleeing their homes, fleeing their neighborhoods, watching their businesses burn, passively acting as punching bags, and, finally, dying.



In this way, BLM is absolutely Hitlerian. … BLM’s goals include absolutely no civilizing ideas. It’s not trying to build and improve but conquer and destroy. BLM holds out no promise to whites relating to peace, progress, or freedom. It rejects all idealistic trimmings, deeming them unnecessary. Indeed, deeming them counterproductive.

This is key to understanding the massive drop in BLM’s popularity among whites. It’s not just because of the riots and violence. It’s also the same (perhaps unconscious) fear that’s elevated Hitler to the status of ultimate boogeyman: the fear of the oppressive force that can’t be bargained with, that offers no way out, that wants nothing from you but your removal.

Whites can’t “convert” to BLM. They can’t become reeducated enough to escape censure and abuse. Worst of all, they can’t surrender. …

Hitler was obsessed with the future; BLM doesn’t think beyond the moment. It’s like Mugabe and the white farmers: Even your ability to feed us won’t save you.We want you gone, and if we starve, we starve. That’s BLM in a nutshell, rejecting idealistic trimmings while lacking a road map for survival in the burned-out ruins of the cities it sacks.

Hitler’s uncompromising tribalism, but without the idealism. Now, that’s frightening. But not as frightening as the whites who still think they can appease the BLM beast. Or coexist with it.

The West has underestimated the power of tribalism and race, particularly in other societies. Serious error.