White-Counting, by Steve Sailer.

Last week, The New York Times complained that whites now make up only three-fifths of the population but still hold four-fifths of the most powerful jobs in America:

Faces of Power: 80% Are White, Even as U.S. Becomes More Diverse

These are 922 of the most powerful people in America. 180 of them identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, multiracial or otherwise a person of color. …

Of course, most of the NYT’s 922 powerful positions are held by older people. .. Probably a little under three-fourths of the American citizens in the relevant age range are white, and they hold four-fifths of the powerful jobs. Judging from that ratio, America in 2020 is remarkably not white supremacist, but you aren’t supposed to recognize that.

Oh the hypocrisy:

While The New York Times is quite worked up over White Privilege, which it assumes is proven by white overrepresentation among the powerful, it has never shown any interest in the exactly parallel concept of Jewish Privilege. …

Jews, who make up about 2 percent of the population, are 13 percent of the NYT’s rankings. One might think that Jewish pundits who promote the concept of White Privilege by pointing to the greater executive power per capita of whites than blacks should ponder that the exact same logic would suffice to demonstrate the existence of Jewish Privilege.

Few things anger Jewish-Americans more than non-Jews tabulating Jewish success. (The Israeli and Jewish-American ethnic press is of course more than welcome to celebrate it.) They call it “Jew-counting.”

Because Jews are vastly higher-achieving, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to want to cover up that fact in an era that assumes that any disproportion must be due to discrimination.

Jewish individuals make up only 2 percent of the U.S. population but 13 percent of the NYT’s list of the 922 most powerful people. If those excess 11 percent of Jewish “Faces of Power” resigned their posts in favor of People of Color, the underrepresentation problem of POCs would be largely solved immediately. Of course, this Swiftian proposal will be greeted with furious point-and-sputter.

But to those mad at my publicly pointing out that Jewish individuals are overrepresented by a factor of about 7 among the “Faces of Power,” let me ask you: Are you also mad at the Times publicizing that whites are overrepresented (by a smaller amount)?

If not, why not?

Let’s take it further. I’ll bet that people of above average IQ are vastly over-represented in the NYT’s list of the 922 most powerful people. There is an obvious IQ-privilege, and everyone knows it.

The real mischief lies in the PC assertion that all large groups of people have the same statistical characteristics (except ones too obvious to deny, like skin color). To the left, any disparity in outcome is therefore evidence of discrimination.

While that PC lie favors the left’s other political goals, it is of course complete rubbish. Groups of people can differ quite a lot in their characteristics. Do the left really think selection pressures somehow magically don’t apply to humans?

It’s an empirical fact, proven by testing any number of times, that European Jews have the highest average IQ of any large “racial” group. So you’d expect that group to be over-represented on the NYT’s list. It’s not PC, but it is reality.