Facebook Censors Tucker Carlson’s Interview With “Rogue” Chinese Scientist

Facebook Censors Tucker Carlson’s Interview With “Rogue” Chinese Scientist. By Tyler Durden.

After “rogue” Chinese scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan was silenced by Twitter yesterday over her claims that the coronavirs was “created in a lab”, Tucker Carlson had her on his show last night to try and give her message — which has been condemned as fraudulent by the press — a broader airing.

After Tucker’s social media managers shared a clip from Tuesday night’s show, however, Facebook immediately jumped on the censorship bandwagon, blocking the clip and imposing a label reading “false info”:

A similar post shared on the show’s Facebook page, with more than 2.5 million followers, was also censored.

Hard to believe it’s come to this, but the censorious left is going crazy authoritarian because their PC fantasies cannot withstand the free exchange of information.

Dissent from political correctness is steadily being strangled. Small blogs like this are still able to speak their minds, but for how long?

You can still see the interview on YouTube via the WR. Just not on Facebook.