Californians first to catch woke wave – but it’s a dumper

Californians first to catch woke wave – but it’s a dumper. By Nick Cater.

California’s dream of becoming a world leader in virtue has collided with the laws of physics.

On some days, the state generates so much solar power it has to pay other states to take it. When the sun sinks over the Pacific on a hot summer evening, however, the “greenouts” begin. …

Few jurisdictions have embraced woke-ism more ardently than California, where the utopian, collectivist, postmodern ideology that has leeched from the universities is extracting a heavy price.

In prosecuting the case for a return to traditional values of individualism and freedom, America’s far-left coast is exhibit A. It serves as a predictor of what might occur here if our democratic governments succumb to the same pernicious ideology. There is evidence that is already happening, notably in Victoria.

This California is long gone.

California’s radical reformers have been empowered by progressive Democrats who dominate all levels of government.

The collapse of the energy system this summer is the most visible of the many policy blunders on their watch. Almost everything governments are expected to do is costing more and delivering less. An expensive but failing public school system, rising urban crime rates, streets and subways littered with syringes and human faeces and Los Angeles’s notoriously dangerous rapid transit system ­attest to a chronic failure in basic service delivery. …

The latest outrage is a radical reworking of the school curriculum, mandating a semester-long course in ethnic studies to teach “the four ‘i’s of oppression” — ideological, institutional, interpersonal and internalised.

Just as the division of Germany during the Cold War served as a controlled experiment on the efficacy of old Marxism, so California has become a test-bed for the new. The results are broadly similar: a stagnating economy, a growing social and economic divide and an exodus of citizens. …

California has by far the highest income tax rate in the country at 13.3 per cent, and there are plans to raise it to 16.8 per cent. …

The abject failure of the new ideology to deliver any of its stated policy aims fails to deter its adherents. The failure of government programs is blamed on a lack of spending or sabotage by mysterious forces on the right.

In California, for example, disparity in wealth and income has grown faster under a government pledged to social justice than just about any other state. The income of the top 5 per cent of households grew by 18.6 per cent between 2006 and 2018, while households in the bottom 20 per cent saw their average income fall by 5.3 per cent over the same period.

California is also known as “the left coast”.

So goes California, so goes the USA, then the rest of the West. Got to break that transmission somehow.

Lately California is in the news for huge fires, because they cannot even manage their forests under the new woke rules. The wokerati in charge of course blame it on someone else — climate change, in this case.