A Tidal Wave of Righteous Apathy

A Tidal Wave of Righteous Apathy, by Jim Goad.

I voted for Trump four years ago.

Censorship and deplatforming are far, far, FAR worse than they were four years ago, and he hasn’t done a single thing about it.

There’s no wall.

He has deported fewer illegals than Obama did.

The debt has climbed even more quickly than it did under Obama.

He has surrendered America’s streets to the enemy.

He seems much more emotionally invested in snagging 5% of the black vote than he does in even daring to address white people as a group, even once. He caught tons of flak for his “fine people on both sides” comment regarding Charlottesville, but his Justice Department seems committed to prosecuting only one side — the one with the white males. The RNC commemorated the black loser who got shot by cops in Kenosha but didn’t make a peep on behalf of a single white victim of the endless nonwhite violence during Trump’s term.

Despite everything that Trump appeared to represent and in spite of all the hysterical warnings from his detractors, in 2020 it’s far worse to be a white male in America than it was in 2016.

And American culture is four years more retarded than it was four years ago. Actually, it’s a century more retarded than it was only four years ago.

So please tell me again what voting for him is supposed to accomplish. …

I realize they’ve made it impossible for Trump to get anything done, but what does that say about the limits of presidential power? Either Trump is a bad president, or the president doesn’t do much beyond give speeches and hand out medals. When it comes to everything that matters and everything he promised, his hands appear to be tied.

If the last four years have taught us anything, it’s that the president’s role is largely symbolic. …

Much of the outrage is a dangerous waste of time:

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the outrage. How can you miss it?

Through a meticulously manicured system of selective information distribution and carefully managed news cycles, people who don’t know a fucking thing about politics scream at other people who don’t know a fucking thing about politics all day and all night…as if it will change anything beyond cementing their shared misery.

They are slaves to a news cycle, hamsters on a wheel they were placed on while half-asleep. Due to automation and outsourcing and the demonstrable fact that government exists only to perpetuate government, their lives have been rendered empty and meaningless, so they fill the deep holes inside themselves with endless outrage. These people are so clueless that they don’t even realize their outrage has been cooked up for them like a cheap TV dinner. …

Was it Nelson Mandela who said that hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting them to die from it? Well, I feel that getting upset about politics works the same way. Politics remain politics, while you wind up with an ulcer. …

Getting upset about it only hurts you and not them. This simple concept flew over my head for an unforgivable number of decades, and it still seems to evade most of the people who open their mouths online. …

What’s the advantage of being correct in a world that can’t admit the truth? What’s the point of being upset with idiots when the idiots can’t even bother to be upset with themselves? …

It’s astounding how much better life gets the moment you stop caring about certain things. It’s surprising — although it shouldn’t be — how much better your head feels when you stop banging it against a wall.

We’re going to need a fair dose of humor and a big bag of apathy, to get through the next few years. Buckle up.