Where is honesty in the discussion around male suicide?

Where is honesty in the discussion around male suicide? By Corrine Barraclough.

A new report to be released today — World Suicide Prevention Day — claims to list “10 ways male suicide is different from female suicide”.

One of those statistics provided in the “suicide snapshot” is men account for 97 per cent of suicides involving firearms … Certainly, the fact that men choose more lethal methods to end their lives is well known.

But, where is the focus on causes?

Where are the statistics around the damage of false allegations?

Where are the dads’ charities providing information that would make actual action towards reducing male suicide impossible to ignore any longer?

The report states “81 per cent of suicides [are] linked to relationship separation.”

So, where is the strategy specifically for separating and separated fathers?

Where is the spend specifically on saving those lives? …

The report says, “Most suicide prevention funding is directed at services that are known to be more effective at reaching more women than men.”


Why has that been allowed to happen — and where are the experts holding the government to account for this bloodbath?

Why the hell is money been given to feminist organisations? Beyond Blue is chaired by Julia Gillard, a professed feminist who handed over some millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

This is sick corruption in plain sight.

The numbers:

Men account for 76 per cent of all suicides. And that’s just suicides that we know of.

The truth is, we don’t know the full count.

Where are the numbers of those who attempted, incomplete and remain injured?

When a vehicle leaves the road, accelerates and hits a tree without any evidence of mechanical failure, that’s counted as a road fatality.

Why can’t emergency services staff attending or coroners rate the possibility of suicide?

Was this person involved in a relationship breakdown? Family Court? A custody dispute? Were they fighting false allegations?

The obvious reason that these figures aren’t released is so that the general public will not ever see the horror; as it would clearly join the dots between Family Court practise, false allegations, feminist doctrine and male suicide.

This is mass misandry.

Yep. Is it that the noisy feminist wheel gets the oil, or is that society always bends over backwards to look after women but men are regarded as expendable?