Looks like Donald Trump Might Have Won the War on Terror

Looks like Donald Trump Might Have Won the War on Terror, by John Nolte.

I know that in the heat of all the bullshit being hurled by the fake news media, by the domestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter burning down Democrat-run cities, and by the stupid drama Trump himself sometimes stirs, it’s easy to forget we don’t worry about Islamic terror anymore, and just as easy to forget how we used to worry about it all the time.

So take a deep breath, take a minute to remember what life was like at this same time four years ago, when Barack Obama was president and Joe Biden was vice president.

Remember how often we were being hit by Islamic terror attacks, most of them homegrown and inspired by ISIS?

Remember ISIS rapidly expanding its caliphate into a nation-state, the videos the barbarians released of beheadings and drownings and the burning of people alive?

Isis murdering Christians

Remember how we paid off the terrorist state of Iran, even as it targeted our own troops and stirred the terror pot?

Remember how our troops, still in Afghanistan and Iraq after some 15 years, kept getting picked off? …

Under Obama and Biden, ISIS grew as fast as Nazi Germany into an international threat. For years and years and years, America was impotent to do anything about it. Now ISIS is gone. The videos are gone. The dread is gone. …

Trump’s bringing home our troops without making things worse over there. Obama didn’t do that. Obama left a vacuum ISIS waltzed right into. George W. Bush sent more troops, started more stupid wars.

With the neocons marginalized into souls-sold trolls running a pro-Biden super PAC, our troops aren’t getting picked off anywhere else either. Know why? Trump’s the first president since Reagan not to get us involved in a war. Look it up.

I don’t know what the hell Trump did to Kim Jong-Un, all I know is I don’t worry about North Korea anymore.

It’s not just that… There’s something bigger going on. Something permanent. Peace deals. Bona fide peace deals in the Middle East. Whole bunch of them. That’s the kind of thing that wins wars permanently. Takes them off simmer.

Remove hatred of Israel in the Middle East and everything improves. That’s what Trump’s doing, you know. Because he made America energy independent, the lunatics over there lost all the cards they once held. Now we hold the cards. We can press for sanctions and we can press the button that snipes terrorist generals. Simple as that. …

If you think about it. If you turn off the news and close your eyes and take a breath, right now we are closer to world peace than at any time in my life. …

Trump did that.

Is it a lie by omission if the mainstream media “forget” to mention this?