The US Left is thinking through how they must respond to a populist revolt in response to their election rigging

The US Left is thinking through how they must respond to a populist revolt in response to their election rigging. By the Z-Man.

As much as so-called conservatives want to make it about their ideas from the 1980’s or Trump fans want to make it about their guy, the real driver is internal left-wing politics. The fact is, the anti-white radicals have taken over the corporations and the academy. Now they are looking to take control of the Democrat Party, which of course will give them control of the government institutions controlled by the party.

There’s no reason, at this point, to think the Inner Party [Democrat] old guard has the sense or energy to fight off this assault from their radicals. The leadership is a collection of septuagenarians and octogenarians. Nursing homes have more vitality. Their underlings were selected for their stupidity, so they would never be a threat. The proof of this is their inability to contend with the anarchist unrest in their own cities. The idiot mayors in places like Seattle and Portland have no idea what to do.

Assuming the brown tide does indeed sweep over the remaining institutions and we end up living in a country controlled by social justice fanatics, we can expect the current anti-white pogroms to extend to all aspects of life. We are getting glimpses of what comes next in these corporate indoctrination sessions. Whites will be forced to swear loyalty oaths and go through struggle sessions. Those who resist will lose their jobs and maybe worse. Everywhere will be Portland.

It is important to remember that five years ago no one thought banks would be canceling bank accounts based on politics. No one thought the technology giants would steal domain names and deplatform people. Before the alt-right turned itself into a raging dumpster fire, no one thought the ruling class would declare war on people as we have been seeing ever since. This unprecedented assault on our liberties by these corporate oligarchs was just a warning about what comes next.

What comes next:

A defining feature of the American Left, is its habit of projecting onto others, things it is either doing at the moment or preparing to do in the future. …

A corollary to that is the Left is always preparing for what it fears the most. In this case, they are signaling that they expect the radicals to win and they expect the white population to notice that they have been reduced to dhimmitude. They are planning for it.

The most likely first response of normal white people will be political protest, the same stuff we always see from the Right. Initially, a Tea Party 2.0 will try to get going, but slightly more aware of the racial component. You see this awareness even on super-safe media outlets like Fox News and talk radio. They talk around the issue, but they at least do so in a way that acknowledges reality. You still see bleating about left-wing racism, but that has lost a lot of its punch.

The thing is, the Tea Party stuff assumes things that are not true, like elections matter and politicians listen to the voters. If the Left rigs the 2020 election, only drug addicts and libertarians, two groups with tremendous overlap, will continue to think we live in a society ruled by laws. The “hey let’s get together and get our guy elected” approach will not get very far with people who suddenly think their elections are rigged. This is why the Left is unconcerned about this possibility.

A possibility the Left does worry about is one where they rig the election and it is obvious to everyone. On election night Trump wins the key states by a slim margin and slowly “newly discovered ballots” are found in rural mailboxes that flip the necessary number of states. This triggers mass protests, like the color revolutions that have turned up in corrupt countries over the last couple of decades. Trump actively disputes the result, causing even more unrest.

This is something the Left thinks is a possibility, which is why they keep planting stories in the media about Trump refusing to accept the result. It’s why media hacks keep doing hand-wringing concern posts with titles like, “Trump Could Still Break Democracy’s Biggest Norm.” What follows is a call for the military to stage a coup or the CIA to assassinate him. The Left is thinking through how they must respond to a populist revolt in response to their election rigging. …

In a world where elections are rigged and white people no longer think they have legal recourse, that old revolutionary spirit could flare up among many. …

This is why the Inner Party [the Democratic Party] is having the security apparatus declare “white supremacist” as the great threat to the country. Doing this while far-left gangsters ravage major cities is a nice touch, but it suggests the Left is genuinely worried about this.

If you could beat an honest answer out of them, most of the people supporting and financing the unrest are probably puzzled by the lack of resistance. They are sending mobs into nice white areas to assault middle-class white people at restaurants and shopping areas. They have looted major cities. Left-wing politicians are openly declaring war on white people. Despite the overt war on white people from the top, little in the way of organized resistance has emerged yet. …

There are tens of thousands of disaffected young white males with military training. Not only are they familiar with the use of weapons, they are trained in small unit tactics. If the degenerates of Antifa can organize a summer of rage, smart white guys could punch much higher. In the regard, the Left is being prudent.

That’s why the Left wants the security agencies to put “white supremacist” up there with Islamic terrorists and the Russian mafia. They are planning for organized violence from the people they expect to keep attacking. If and when white people wake up and realize what is happening and decide to do something about it, the Left wants the institutions they control to be fully prepared. They seem to think they will be battling something closer to terrorism than peaceful political resistance.

We can therefore expect a new push to characterize any resistance to the ascendant as the same as Islamic terrorism. We’re getting a glimpse of that with the tech oligarchs organizing to label Kyle Rittenhouse a mass murderer. …

Kyle Rittenhouse is the sort of person the left are afraid of and are gearing up for

The most likely outcome at this point on the timeline, therefore, is we arrive at something like a highly feminized version of Cold War Albania. Instead of bunkers dotting the land and citizen militias scanning the horizon for foreign invaders, it will be inter-sectional enforcers planted in every company and institution, charged with locating white supremacists. Society will be organized around fighting the specter of white supremacy and white privilege.

Commenter Glenfilthie:

If Normie gets off the couch, it’s all over. And he will, at the rate Leftie is going. Consider: his kids are homos and SJWs. His job is a political mine field and he walks on eggshells around lunatics and degenerates. Now he can’t even watch sportzball without being berated and noggerated. If he tries to go down to the store, some bitch will give him chit for not wearing a mask.

Commenter Penitent Man:

This isn’t 1965 where the police were an integral part of the community and shared their community’s mores and more importantly their community’s fear of what would happen once they let blacks run amok.

Policing has grown into it’s own society and often you encounter an us vs. everyone without a badge mentality. Add in extremely generous benefits and pensions and you have a class of enforcers that will back their own interests over their oaths and over the good of the people they are responsible to protect.

Commenter G Lordon Giddy:

Nothing will happen from the right until the 401k balances are plundered. I hate to be a black pill but the elites have the upper white middle class invested in their cheap labor palace economy through their 401k’s. As long as that 401k balance is there the counter revolution to BLM and Antifa will be limited.

The middle and upper class whites still have a stake in the system even though the system is targeting them.

Dark thoughts, but who would have thought we even be where we are?