If Daniel Andrews was a CEO he’d be looking for a new job by now

If Daniel Andrews was a CEO he’d be looking for a new job by now, by Robert Gottliebsen.

As public servants break ranks to tell the truth, the magnitude of the breakdown in important segments of the Victorian government and public service is becoming a national disaster.

Unless Victoria quickly takes the steps that have been taken in NSW, then it’s time for the federal government to explore using the combination of its quarantine and money powers to take control of at least parts of the mess. And members of the ALP in Victoria need to face the simple fact that they need different leadership. Premier Daniel Andrews tried hard, but it was beyond him. In the public company arena, the change would have already taken place. …

From mid-July, but it still applies.

Other states have shown that there is a series of clear steps required. When governments take those steps, communities don’t require the severe lockdown that Victoria has announced. …

Good old diversity and jobs for union mates:

The real cause of the problem is that Victoria bloated its public service creating no clear lines of authority and promoting on criteria other than ability. …

Curfews were just there to make policing easier, not for any health reason:

Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton dropped a bombshell by stating that he didn’t make the decision to put an 8pm curfew on Victorians living in Melbourne. Clearly people from other sections of the public service made the decision, again illustrating that the Victorian public service had no clear decision making structure.

1999 wants its faxes back:

Sutton also quietly slipped out another stunning revelation — that the elements of the Victorian public service in the health area are still using faxes. GPs cited as the excuse. Somebody needs to tell the department and any delinquent GPs that there is a thing called the internet and electronic communication. …

Sutton’s bombshell that the fax is still an essential part of the Victorian public service was not dropped accidentally. Victoria desperately needs to increase its testing rate but there is little point in doing that if it still can’t get the results quickly to those that are being tested. Victoria’s testing was deplorably low this week because it is still only testing those with symptoms, when a large number of infected people do not have symptoms. …

State independence worked — that diversity is good. Imagine if only the Federal Government was in charge of our covid response,  and Dan Andrews and his lefty mates were in charge of the Federal Government.

We now have a series of “nations” that are operating in a similar way to pre 1900 – borders are shut. And it is all caused because one “nation” couldn’t manage a crisis while the neighbouring “nations” could manage it. And because this particular crisis involves large numbers of deaths the “nations” acted in their own interest and those of their voters. And it’s worked to contain the virus.

There is no point in Prime Minister Scott Morrison lecturing states about borders because their populations don’t want to be infected by the suffering created by the chaos of the Victorian government and public service.

JobKeeper and JobSeeker help ease the symptoms but not the cause — the Victorian government.

Andrews is great at spin. Let’s see him spin his way out of this one.