How Santa Monica Cops Thwarted Looter Caravans of Rented Cars Last Tuesday

How Santa Monica Cops Thwarted Looter Caravans of Rented Cars Last Tuesday, by Jorge Causo.

“At 7 p.m., we started seeing carloads of people coming off the freeway,” said [Police Captain Candice Cobarrubias] …

The cars streaming into the city, Corbarrubias knew, weren’t shoppers and diners but well organized bands of looters who planned to strike Downtown after they had swept through the area during rioting May 31.

Police had been tipped off by a community member who on Tuesday afternoon had seen a one-line “story” posted on Instagram, Cobarrubias said.

It read: “Looting Santa Monica at 7 p.m.” …

This time, Cobarrubias said, police were ready. They had tracked those who posted the Instagram “story” and found that one of them had more than 3,000 followers. …

At around 6 p.m. the Police Department deployed its drone to monitor incoming traffic.

An hour later — as called for in the Instagram post — caravans of rental cars began exiting the freeway and traveling in rows of three to five towards the Downtown.

Officers began pulling over drivers who who violated the traffic code, Cobarrubias said.

“As soon as we started doing traffic stops the others would leave,” she said. “As soon as they saw the officers, they veered off. …

The pattern of the looting was similar to that in other city’s like Chicago, she said.

“It’s the same M.O. (modus operandi). Organized groups are renting cars and driving in caravan style.

“They meet outside the targeted area and drive in,” she said. “It’s the same pattern.”

Who wants to defund the police? Cui bono?

hat-tip Steve Sailer