Scott Morrison cuts Daniel Andrews loose over roadmap debacle

Scott Morrison cuts Daniel Andrews loose over roadmap debacle, by Simon Benson.

Scott Morrison has fired a double barrel shot across Daniel Andrews’ bow.

He has accused the Victorian government of failing in its public health response to the virus while warning the Labor Premier that he would have to pay the economic bill for his indefinite lockdown.

Morrison’s starting point was that Andrews’ “crushing” recovery roadmap to nowhere was a doomsday document with questionable scientific basis.

There was little subtlety in his language.

He suggested Victoria’s contact tracing had been inadequate, there was no detailed modelling to justify the continuing lockdown and he was going to put the Andrews’ plan under the blowtorch by federal medical experts.

Morrison is clearly beyond frustration. The torturous roadmap announced by Andrews on Sunday has broken his patience.

The image now being presented is that the Andrews government had no idea how to manage the crisis and had become fixated on managing the spin.

The political gloves are off at last. I predict Victoria will make its plan easier. With a biotech solution so close, and the NSW example of containing spread with track and trace, surely the costs of prolonged lockdown outweigh the benefits at this point.