Victorian voters slam ‘unfair’ public sector pay rise

Victorian voters slam ‘unfair’ public sector pay rise, by Adam Creighton.

The poll, of just over 1000 Victorians, found only 7 per cent supported the 2 per cent pay rise that MPs and public servants received in July, which the IPA [Institute of Public Affairs] said was evidence of a “K-shaped” economic recovery, “where the public sector continues to grow and receive pay rises while the private sector languishes”.

Private sector wages in Victoria dropped by $1.9bn in the June quarter, while wages in the public sector increased by $88m, according to the IPA’s analysis of the ­national accounts that last week confirmed Australia was in the first recession in almost 30 years. …

[Daniel Wild, research director at the IPA:] “This is further evidence that there are two Victorias: public servants and politicians who have been protected from the destruction of the COVID-19 lockdown measures, and those in the productive private sectors of the economy who have lost their jobs and businesses”

The pay rise for public servants in Victoria came despite a pay freeze in other state jurisdictions. …

Daniel Andrews also received a pay rise of $46,522.

“We are not all in this together, and we never have been. Public servants have profited from the crisis, while small business owners and young Victorians have been smashed,” Mr Wild said.

In November last year, Victoria’s Auditor-General found the state’s wages bill had increased at almost four times the rate of population growth, rising by 40 per cent between 2013-14 and 2018-19, from $19bn to $26.6bn.

No wonder most Victorians are furious. The government screwed up by letting in the virus with an inept and politicized quarantine, then the government applied an overly blunt and authoritarian lockdown that killed private industry but left the tax-eating public servants untouched, and then the government awarded its employees a pay rise. Sick.

Too much government, Victoria.