Tony Abbott’s fine track record ignored as PC pack denounces his UK appointment

Tony Abbott’s fine track record ignored as PC pack denounces his UK appointment, by Jennifer Oriel.

When news broke that former prime minister Tony Abbott was to become a UK trade envoy, the trolls came out to play. Rather than address his appointment on merit, they formed a pack to take him down. They buried Abbott’s track record on trade under an avalanche of vilification. But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not surrender when the PC pack came for him, and on Friday Westminster confirmed Abbott as trade envoy.

Tony Abbott

When people wonder why strongman politicians are back in vogue, consider what they are up against. A PC mob trades in hearsay, plays the man not the ball and bonds over a common victim. In the mobbing of Abbott, high-ranking members of parliament joined the media to smear him as a misogynist and a homophobe. Neither is true, but the cardinal rule of mean-girl membership is never let truth get in the way of gossip. …

The only way to arrive at the mistaken conclusion that Abbott is not qualified for the role of trade envoy is to change the position description. It would seem the PC mob thinks a trade envoy should be a tree-hugging, bolshie feminist waving a rainbow flag. …

According to all questionable sources, Abbott was the wrong man for the job because he is a man and therefore guilty. He was unqualified because he is conservative and, as such, holds that the natural family is the basis of good society. Worst of all, he is a conservationist instead of a champagne socialist profiting from taxpayer-subsidised green schemes while decrying the evils of capitalism all the way to the bank.

I don’t recall PC tactics in politics before feminism. Maybe the PC idea of playing the man rather than the ball, of not arguing with evidence and logic but merely lying about your opponents to discredit them, is something brought into politics by women.

Slightly more than half the electorate is female, so you’d expect female behavior to dominate after a while. But do we have to be governed by a pack of gossiping mean girls re-enacting high school?