The Finger in the Dike Election

The Finger in the Dike Election, by Angelo Codevilla.

On September 11, 2001, United Airlines Flight 93’s passengers defied armed hijackers and fought to take over the cockpit regardless of danger or odds because they realized that certain death was the alternative. Michael Anton’s 2016 essay “The Flight 93 Election” … argued that although Americans did not know what kind of president Donald Trump would be, they should risk all to elect him because they could be very sure that the alternative would be our republic’s death. …

Trump, imperfect as he is, is like a finger in a dike that, if removed, would loose a deluge. Anton describes how the Democratic Party-led complex of public-private power has been transforming our free, decent, and prosperous country into its opposite—and how it’s going to do to the rest of America what it has already largely accomplished in California. …

What is radically new about the 2020 election [is that] should the Democrats win, the ruling Left — which includes just about everyone who controls American government and society’s commanding heights — is ready, willing, and eager to implement plans that would make it virtually impossible for conservatives ever to win national elections again.

These plans include the importation and counting of non-citizen voters. Elections-by-mail would shift power from voters to those who count the votes, just like in Venezuela. Though reelecting Trump makes the republic’s survival possible, and preserves all manner of good options, it guarantees nothing. Trump’s defeat guarantees disaster — like in 2016, only much more so.

The future the left succeeds in making everywhere in the West like California:

Today’s California is for government-favored oligarchs and those who service them.

  • You want a career? If you don’t conform every word and action to the ruling orthodoxies, your work and talents will be wasted.
  • You want your children to grow up intelligent and decent? The schools will teach them little reasoning and much depravity. Like you, they will also learn to compete by favor-seeking rather than by performance.
  • You see crime rising, sense that you have to protect yourself, but know that, in most of the state, the police will arrest you for it.
  • And you are sick of paying for it all. That is why you want to emigrate from California into the United States of America. …

Conservatives have been patsies while the new ruling class of the left broke all the rules to suit themselves:

Conservatives have continued to believe that the United States’s institutions and those who run them retain legitimacy. Conservative complaisance made possible a half-century of Progressive rule’s abuse.

  • The War on Poverty ended up enriching its managers while expanding the underclass that voted for them.
  • The civil rights movement ended up entitling a class of diversity managers to promote their friends and ruin their opponents.
  • The environmental movement ended up empowering the very same wealthy, powerful folks while squeezing the rest of America into cookie cutter living and paying inflated energy prices.
  • The feminist movement delivered divorce and abortion — far from benefiting women, it has made millions dependent on ruling class favor.

So long as, and to the degree that, the illusion of legitimacy stands — so long as the Right obeys while the Left disobeys and commands — there is no end to what the Left can do because there is so little that conservatives do to fight back. …

Trump, however, fights back.

The combination of the ruling class constituents’ fired-up insatiability, the rulers’ inability to control them, and the limits of conservative Americans’ patience is sure to cause a crisis that ends up in some kind of “Caesarism” of the Left or the Right.

The left really seem to fear an authoritarian figure from the right, and thought Trump might become that. Just more projection by the left.