California Prosecutor Says Looters’ ‘Needs’ Must Be Considered When Charged

California Prosecutor Says Looters’ ‘Needs’ Must Be Considered When Charged, by John Nolte.

[A California district attorney is] ordering them to consider five factors, including, “Was the theft committed for financial gain or personal need?”

Need? As in I need to update my stereo system?

No one in America needs anything. Unless you’re mentally disabled, which is a whole other discussion, you have food and shelter aplenty. Not to mention free schooling and medical care. Not to mention an iPhone, video games, cable TV, Netflix, air conditioning, and Internet.

What a load of crapola. …

In the past, even during the turbulent 60s, riots never lasted more than a few days. Either order was restored or the anger burnt itself out.

It was obvious from day one, these riots were different.

To begin with, they are not really riots. Riots are organic. What we are seeing today are organized terror campaigns.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are nothing more and nothing less than the Democrat Party’s Brownshirts.

How do we know this? To begin with, the Democrat Party openly sides with the terrorists, as does the corporate media. And not just rhetorically.

It is no secret that Joe Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris, supported a bail fund specifically set up to immediately release those arrested for rioting right back out into the streets of Minneapolis. Twelve paid Biden staffers joined her.

What kind of people see looting and burning buildings and support a fund that releases the looters and building burners? The answer is in the asking.

Then there are the Democrat governors who have access to enough National Guard troops to restore order and refuse to send them. That’s a deliberate choice. A choice between restoring order and allowing domestic terrorism to continue. These Democrat governors choose to allow the domestic terrorism to continue. …

In one Democrat-run city after another, corrupt prosecutors are bending over backwards to ensure the violence and organized socialist revolution is not hindered by pesky notions such as law and order and equal protection.

This is a new development in Western politics, and deserves close attention.

Marxists have gained control of the main left party and have a sympathetic media doing their spin. Marxists do not believe in democracy, in the peaceful transfer of power back and forth. Instead they delegitimize any rivals, and when they gain power they attempt to keep it forever — which is why it always ends up in tyranny and mass murder.