Victoria: Pregnant mum Zoe Buhler’s arrest is dictatorial and dangerous

Victoria: Pregnant mum Zoe Buhler’s arrest is dictatorial and dangerous, by Caroline Overington.

If you haven’t already seen it, watch this video of the young mum in Ballarat — a pregnant woman — being handcuffed, in her own house, in her pyjamas.

Her alleged crime?

She posted something on Facebook …

“Excuse me, incitement for what, what on earth? I’m in my pyjamas, my two kids are here,” she says.

The police don’t care. They cuff her anyway. …

Police didn’t ask in a reasonable and sensible manner for her to take the post down. Which makes the situation so much worse, because wait … how many of the Black Lives Matter supporters got arrested, for posting, before their protest got the go-ahead?

Incredible. It’s hard to believe this is happening in Australia, and it’s difficult to stomach the political hypocrisy that her post is banned while lefty nonsense like BLM was positively encouraged in Victoria.

hat-tip Charles, Stephen Neil