Republican Staffers for Bushes, McCain, and Romney Work to Help Biden and Harris

Republican Staffers for Bushes, McCain, and Romney Work to Help Biden and Harris. By John Binder.

Former consultants for failed Republican presidential primary candidate Jeb Bush are now working with a “Never Trump”-associated group to help Democrat Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris win the swing state of Florida. …

The former Bush consultants and Never Trump group have branded the effort “Project Orange Crush,” spending between $8 million to $10 million in the next couple of months on advertising targeted to moderate Republican voters and swing voters.

“Our plan is to surgically target the key 450,000 Independents and soft Republicans who will decide the election,” a memo obtained by the Herald reads.

The former Bush consultants’ involvement in helping to elect Biden comes as hundreds of former staffers for Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush have signed onto initiatives to defeat Trump in the November 3 election. …

The Republican establishment, based almost exclusively in Washington, DC, and made up of consultants, donors, and political operatives, has been opposed to Trump’s economic nationalist agenda since the 2015 GOP presidential primary when they unsuccessfully attempted to stop him.

Whose side are these “Republicans” on? They are the political elite, who are happy enough with many leftist policies and being the minor grouping in the uniparty dance. That’s where their jobs and income come from. Trump and the populists/tea party upended all that.

On top of having to battle the bureaucrats, the media, and academia, Trump also has to battle half of his own party, including many Republicans in Congress. Tough job.

hat-tip Charles