Facebook Sanctions Violent Threats Against ‘Dangerous Individuals’

Facebook Sanctions Violent Threats Against ‘Dangerous Individuals’, by Allum Bokhari.

It’s okay to threaten people with violence and death on Facebook, so long as your target is a “dangerous individual” …

The tech giant’s recently-updated policy on “violence and incitement” states that death threats and incitement to violence are banned across the platform, unless your threat is aimed someone the social network has labeled an acceptable target. …

So who are these “dangerous individuals” against whom threats of violence and death are ok on Facebook?

The list includes InfoWars host Alex Jones, populist pundit Paul Joseph Watson, conservative activist Laura Loomer, Louis Farrakhan, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Facebook also maintains a list of high-profile political figures who it monitors for potential designation as “hate agents.” The list includes black conservative star Candace Owens, author and think tank founder Brigitte Gabriel, and British politicians Carl Benjamin and Anne-Marie Waters. They have not been designated as “dangerous individuals” yet — but everyone who has been designated as such was once on the “hate agents” review list.

National laws against incitement don’t apply to Facebook, because Facebook are on the left.