Arrested anti-lockdown mum: ‘I was scared I was being kidnapped’

Arrested anti-lockdown mum: ‘I was scared I was being kidnapped’. By Tessa Akerman.

The pregnant Ballarat woman arrested over an anti-lockdown Facebook post has spoken of her fear when uniformed police entered her home, but admitted the post was a “bimbo moment”. …

“I didn’t actually realise I was not allowed to do that though,” she said on Thursday morning.

Ms Buhler, who said she had lost her job due to the lockdown, said she knew protests weren’t permitted in Melbourne but thought Ballarat’s lighter restrictions would allow a protest if people wore masks and socially distanced. …

She said police had taken the handcuffs off and had explained to her at the police station that they were just doing their job.

“They were very nice to me off camera,” she said.

However she added that police could have made contact with a simple phone call. …

Ms Buhler was open in saying she wasn’t remorseful about her actions and said perhaps the event would be a slap in the face for Premier Daniel Andrews

“I probably wouldn’t change anything to be honest,” she said.

Asked on Sky if she still planned to attend the protest, she shook her head.

“I’m too scared,” she said.

Clearly she was made an example of, by a power-mad state government. Even the crime of incitement seems a bit rich — what about our implied freedom of speech?

Covid has made fools of an awful lot of people. It has revealed all sorts of craziness, when people have to make decisions for themselves rather than following a precedent or ideology. The Victorian Government looks exceptionally foolish.

hat-tip Stephen Neil