Qantas seven-hour flight to nowhere sells out in 10 minutes

Qantas seven-hour flight to nowhere sells out in 10 minutes, by Robyn Ironside.

Qantas will look at scheduling more scenic flights over Australia after a seven-hour service from Sydney-to-Sydney sold out within ten minutes.

The non-stop flight over Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour, was devised by Qantas to get around state border closures and the ban on international travel.



A total of 149 seats were made available on the Boeing 787-9, priced from $787 for economy to $3787 for business class, with all of them gone ten-minutes after going on sale.

A Qantas spokeswoman said the speed of the bookings was a surprise.

“It’s probably the fastest selling flight in Qantas history,” she said.

“People clearly miss travel and the experience of flying. If the demand is there, we’ll definitely look at doing more of these scenic flights while we all wait for borders to open.”


It’s probably the fastest selling flight in Qantas history,” the airline’s CEO, Alan Joyce, said in a statement.

People clearly miss travel and the experience of flying. If the demand is there, we’ll definitely look at doing more of these scenic flights while we all wait for borders to open.” …

Across Asia, where the majority of borders remain closed, limiting leisure tourism, there have been a spate of recent flights with no destination.

It’s like retail therapy.

It seems that many people are hooked on the experience of being treated nicely and feeling important, while flying around. Frequent flyers are missing it sorely, I suppose.

Victorian Government’s Racism Helped Cause Virus Disaster

Victorian Government’s Racism Helped Cause Virus Disaster, by Andrew Bolt.

Now we learn just how mad the Andrews Government’s “inclusivity” policies were — from trusting security at a quarantine hotel to an “indigenous owned” company that wasn’t a preferred tenderer, to having guards with poor English and religious objections to hand sanitisers. …

“The appointment of Unified (Security) proved controversial because, unlike Wilson and MSS, it was not on the government’s preferred panel of security suppliers. Despite this, Unified ended up doing the bulk of the hotel quarantine work.” …

Unified was hired because it was “Aboriginal owned”:

What was the point of this policy if this “Aboriginal” business was just going to hire casuals off the street, of whom very few, if any, were Aboriginal? And here is the Aboriginal owner, David Millward, whose race was rewarded with this $44 million contract — you know, to encourage other underprivileged Aborigines:

The guards then hired — and not just by Unified — were casuals, and many from immigrant or minority backgrounds, which became a problem:

“… the young, healthy and socially active guards were reluctant to undergo testing, while language barriers and a general­ distrust of government saw them less than forthcoming in interviews with contact tracers. … Many of the guards live in crowded, dense accommodation and are reluctant to accept our offer of alternative accommodation.”

Something similar may have happened in Sweden. The Sweden covid cases are disproportionately concentrated in the  Somali community in Stockholm (and that small section of Swedish society , with any luck, might be nearing herd immunity). Most people catch covid at home, sharing an indoor space for long periods with an infected householder. Some young Somalis in Sweden work in aged care centers, which led to many of the Swedish covid deaths.

Poor English wasn’t the only problem, particularly with Muslim guards:

“In mid-June, the company’s manager noted that security guards had informed the agency “they were concerned about using hand sanitiser because it is against their religion”.”

Read it all.

BLM’s Hitlerian Heart

BLM’s Hitlerian Heart, by David Cole.

It’s impressive how rapidly Black Lives Matter has worn out its welcome with whites. I say impressive, because it takes skill to burn up so much goodwill so quickly. Among whites, support for BLM rose dramatically in the immediate aftermath of the passing of St. George (Floyd).

But as of today, support for BLM is at a lower level than it was pre-Floyd. In the space of three months, BLM received a huge bump of support only to level out and sink lower, ending the summer worse off with whites than in the period before the Floyd bump. …

Can’t imagine why. Bloody little Marxists.

Most white folks who support the “fight against racism” do so based on the belief, and the assumption, that the endgame — the goal — is fellowship. “We all rise together.” Help one to help all. This is how whites get suckered into these schemes, and why they initially threw so much support behind an organization many of us had pegged as a violent terrorist cult since its inception. It’s not just paternalism (“Oh, those poor black dears! Let’s help them breathe!”); it’s also the belief that there’s a place for whites in the “civil rights” struggle. That it’s a mutually beneficial endeavor.

When the BLM riots began after St. George’s martyrdom, many whites likely assumed that the old rules still applied, that whites were welcome as long as they were willing to prostrate themselves. “Sure, the blacks are angry, and sure they’re angry at me as a white person. But by gum, they’re just trying to help me better myself! Yes, my silence was violence! I’m the real villain here. I’ll fess up, promise to improve, and we’ll lock arms like olden times and march like brothers.”

In BLM, racist bigotry, tribalism, and kinship triumphs over color blindness, egged on by the calculating political left:

But soon enough BLM showed its true coloreds. It eschewed any desire to approach the topic of police violence from a colorblind perspective.

If “police reform” were truly the goal, then the numerous stories of whites who’ve been the victims of bad arrests and unjustified shootings would have a place in the discussion, if only to demonstrate that the “fight” is for everyone’s benefit.

But BLM is an expressly antiwhite organization, a hate group in the truest, purest sense. We see that hatred in every move BLM makes, from targeting white residential neighborhoods to harassing whites as they eat, drive, or walk down the street. BLM is not seeking partnership. Whites can only satisfy BLM by fleeing their homes, fleeing their neighborhoods, watching their businesses burn, passively acting as punching bags, and, finally, dying.



In this way, BLM is absolutely Hitlerian. … BLM’s goals include absolutely no civilizing ideas. It’s not trying to build and improve but conquer and destroy. BLM holds out no promise to whites relating to peace, progress, or freedom. It rejects all idealistic trimmings, deeming them unnecessary. Indeed, deeming them counterproductive.

This is key to understanding the massive drop in BLM’s popularity among whites. It’s not just because of the riots and violence. It’s also the same (perhaps unconscious) fear that’s elevated Hitler to the status of ultimate boogeyman: the fear of the oppressive force that can’t be bargained with, that offers no way out, that wants nothing from you but your removal.

Whites can’t “convert” to BLM. They can’t become reeducated enough to escape censure and abuse. Worst of all, they can’t surrender. …

Hitler was obsessed with the future; BLM doesn’t think beyond the moment. It’s like Mugabe and the white farmers: Even your ability to feed us won’t save you.We want you gone, and if we starve, we starve. That’s BLM in a nutshell, rejecting idealistic trimmings while lacking a road map for survival in the burned-out ruins of the cities it sacks.

Hitler’s uncompromising tribalism, but without the idealism. Now, that’s frightening. But not as frightening as the whites who still think they can appease the BLM beast. Or coexist with it.

The West has underestimated the power of tribalism and race, particularly in other societies. Serious error.

The WEIRDest People in the World

The WEIRDest People in the World, by Alex Mackiel.

A decade ago, researcher and scholar Joseph Henrich, together with psychologists Steven Heine and Ara Norenzayan, published a landmark paper in Behavioral and Brain Sciences titled, “The weirdest people in the world?” …

The target of the weird label was Western people. More specifically, Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic, or WEIRD.

WEIRD was not meant as a pejorative, but as an apt description of this group of psychologically peculiar people, who are distinct from the majority of humanity both now and throughout human history.

Indeed, WEIRD individuals are psychologically peculiar in a number of ways. For instance, if asked the question, “Who are you?” WEIRD people are more likely to describe themselves in terms of their skills, occupation, achievements, and talents rather than by their relationships — they are “a doctor,” “hardworking,” or “a pianist” rather than “Alex’s son” or “Clara’s boyfriend.”

Additionally, when judging others, they are typically more likely to assign responsibility to personal characteristics rather than external circumstances. For instance, they are likely to assume that the guy driving recklessly ahead of them on the highway is a complete idiot and terrible driver rather than a worried son rushing his father to the nearest emergency room.

While WEIRD people are more individualistic, self-centered, impersonally prosocial, guilt-ridden, and analytical, many non-WEIRD people, from the Chinese to the Ju/’hoansi of the Kalahari Desert, display opposite psychological trends.

Non-WEIRD people tend to be more collectivistic, other-focused, more partial to their in-groups, shame-ridden, and holistic thinkers. …

Why this matters:

WEIRD people make up only around 12 percent of the world’s population and yet over 90 percent of the subjects in psychology research. …

The origins of WIERD lie in prioritizing functional relationships in society over kin relationships:

During the period between about 400 and 1200 CE, the Western Church began gradually dismantling intensive kin-based institutions such as clans, kindreds, and segmentary lineages, which were typical of most human societies then and throughout human history. With the disbanding of these institutions came the outlawing of norms associated with them such as polygamy and cousin marriage.

The Western Church began promulgating a new set of prescriptions dealing with marriage, family, identity, and inheritance, which Henrich collectively refers to as the Marriage and Family Program (MFP). The MFP inadvertently encouraged the creation of associations such as guilds, universities, and confraternities, which bound people together based on shared interests, beliefs, and skills, rather than kinship ties.

Henrich argues that the rise of these more non-relational institutions in Europe created a novel environment to which these populations psychologically adapted. This cultural adaptation strongly influenced the psychology typical of WEIRD people today.

The way in which Henrich examines psychological variation through the lens of kinship intensity, meaning the strength of kin-based institutions in one’s society, provides a more direct approach to understanding mind and behavior than more abstract concepts like individualism and collectivism, or tightness and looseness. This is because kin-based institutions and their associated norms are more grounded in our evolved psychology and are primary to human social life. …

Most societies put much more emphasis on kin than the West, which makes them more collectivist:

On average, cultures with high kinship intensity relative to those with low kinship intensity possess psychological trends that are opposite to those in WEIRD societies. These include the prevalence of shame rather than guilt, in-group loyalty rather than universalism, nepotism rather than impartiality, and holistic rather than analytic thinking.

Beyond this, Henrich argues that kinship intensity does not just describe or predict psychological variation, it explains it. This is because changes in kinship intensity shift incentive structures in ways that promote certain behaviors and cognitive patterns over others.

For example, in WEIRD societies, which are not organized by intensive kin-based institutions, it is advantageous for individuals to have a willingness and a capacity to form relationships and associate with unrelated strangers. This is because they are expected to leave their home at adulthood and eventually start their own family in a place and with a spouse of their own choosing. To do this successfully individuals need to cultivate abilities, skills, and characteristics that make themselves attractive to unrelated strangers.

In contrast, in societies where people are born into dense webs of obligations and responsibilities to their family, clan, or tribe, relationships that structure their life and roles to which they must assume are already prescribed at birth. Therefore, there is less pressure on individuals to cultivate personal attributes that make themselves desirable to unrelated strangers as potential partners in friendship, romance, or work-related capacities.

Mass migration from kin-based societies into the West is going to make the West more kin based, and more tribal. There will be fewer brilliant advances made by analytic individuals, and fewer wealth-producing capitalist miracles.

The Australian Aboriginals were an extreme case of kin and collectivist culture, preserved from tens of thousands of years ago, before coming into contact with the WIERD people just 232 years ago. Islam — straight from seventh century Arabia pretty much unaltered — is pretty close behind in kin and collectivism stakes.

50 years of decadence

50 years of decadence, by Greg Sheridan.

The United States, and the West, are caught in the slowly asphyxiating grip of a decadence they do not understand, and have been there for 50 years. …

We are not standing on the cusp of decadence. The US, and Australia, have been decadent for half a century or more. The culture wars of the 1960s have never been resolved but have left us with a paralysed dystopia slowly getting worse. The failure of the Apollo moon landing to lead to an era of space exploration bookmarks the fatal waning of ambition in our culture. Technology has failed its promise. Politics has declined into permanent gridlock.

This challenging, invigorating, in many ways counterintuitive analysis of the West’s deep crisis comes in a brilliant book, The Decadent Society, by Ross Douthat, published earlier this year in the US and just now available in Australia.

By decadent he doesn’t mean Bacchanalian orgies and too much booze. Instead he defines decadence as, “economic stagnation, institutional decay, and cultural and intellectual exhaustion at a high level of material prosperity and technological development”. …

Decadence is the loss of purpose and meaning. …

Across all the dynamics he analyses, he sees the creep of decadence. Western economic growth has basically stopped. He offers five structural limits on future Western economic growth: demographic decline, the overhang of debt, constraints on education, environmental limitations and technological stagnation.

Some of these factors seem surprising. Yet as it has got richer the US, and similar societies such as Australia, got worse at doing some basic things. Thus white literacy in the US peaked way back in the 1970s. For all the countless extra trillions of dollars poured into education, society is less likely to produce a child who can read and write today than it was 50 years ago. …

The technological stagnation:

If a regular person from 1890 was transported into a 1960s kitchen they would be staggered by the changes, the revolution in technology affecting everyday life. If a regular person from the 1960s was transported to today, they would find the kitchen much the same, with a few new gadgets. Mainly they would be perplexed by the inhabitants constantly fiddling with mobile phones. …

The one great technological innovation of our age is the internet; the digital universe. But this technology has not changed human life in the way that previous generations of technological advance did, the way the invention of railways and electricity and aeroplanes did.

He quotes this thought experiment. Imagine if you could keep every invention up to 2002, including your laptop and mobile phone, and you get to keep running water and an indoor toilet. As opposed to that you could keep everything invented since 2002 but lose running water and the indoor toilet. Everyone who is asked this question prefers to keep running water and the indoor toilet over all the modern wonders of the internet.

This is not to suggest the internet is not marvellous in its way, but it hasn’t transformed life, nor made the world wealthy, as earlier generations of technology did. …

The biggest effect of the digital world has been on our minds and personalities. Lately it has not even improved productivity much. But in entertainment and addiction it is supreme. It has had perverse effects on the human personality. …


Douthat is famously a critic and opponent of pornography and has argued, in The New York Times, that it should be regulated and limited even on the net as it is dehumanising in every way. Yet the consequence of ubiquitous, industrial-scale pornography, as he argues in The Decadent Society, is not what conservatives initially expected. There is a small minority of men who are affected by pornography in a way that makes them more violent and more likely to become rapists.

But mostly, Douthat astonishingly finds, the effect has been tranquillising. Industrial-level porn has produced anomie, alienation, satiety, depression. Younger people are linking up and forming long term partnerships, whether marriages or stable de facto relationships, less than ever before. And they are having less sex. The sexual revolution of the 1960s, and the accompanying spread of porn, has apparently resulted in less sex and fewer marriages.

And it is one of the factors contributing to very low birth rates. Meanwhile, the deaths of despair — suicides, social isolation, opioid overdoses, alcoholism and morbid obesity — have been on the rise. Young people today are the most medicated generation in human history. And disproportionately they are alone and unhappy. In 2018 the highest proportion ever of prime-age American males — 11 per cent — were not in the work force, not deriving the self-respect that comes from systematic, gainful employment. And of course not becoming very attractive marriage partners.

What next?

Douthat is the most civilised and rhetorically temperate of writers, but his judgment on the hollowness of the two political tribes at war in the US is scathing:

“ … a defence of the West’s historical Christian and European character that reduces that civilisation to a #MAGA bunker; a preservationist project steeped in nostalgia for the dynamism of the past.

On the other side, a vision of a civilisation with no common memory, no religious roots, no distinctives beyond its political procedures, and no self-awareness about its establishment’s vaulting arrogance and historical illiteracy.

A conservatism with no vision of how to revitalise itself and, therefore, no defence except the wall, the moat, the rampart.

A liberalism that doesn’t recognise how little it satisfies the human heart; how vulnerable it would be to real challenges if ever they arose.”

Decadence can last for a long time. The Roman empire, as WH Auden remarked, “managed to last for four centuries without creativity, warmth or hope”.

Sheridan doesn’t tackle deeper causes like the trend back towards kinship culture, mass migration, or genetic trends. Like the Roman empire, maybe our civilization is doomed by these larger tides and cycles.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Daniel Andrews Refuses To Scrap 9pm Curfew But Agrees To Let Melburnians Read In Bed Until 9:30

Daniel Andrews Refuses To Scrap 9pm Curfew But Agrees To Let Melburnians Read In Bed Until 9:30. By the Shovel.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has resisted calls to scrap Melbourne’s 9pm curfew, but has offered a compromise that would allow Melburnians to read quietly in bed for half an hour. …

“This is not an invitation to stay up all night; it’s not about being on your phone watching movies. It’s about reading a book. Then that’s it; it’s lights out,” he said. …

Despite persistent and dogged questioning for days, Mr Andrews has not budged on the strict curfew. When asked why, he said he wasn’t going to go into the reasons why because you know why and we’ve been through it plenty of times before.

Aiming for total control?

US President Slept Her Way to the Top (if Biden wins)

US President Slept Her Way to the Top (if Biden wins). By Steve Baldwin, former Congressman, State of California.

I watched an interview with her. She is attractive, animated and absurd.

She stated that she never had children; yet was a “Mother to her husband’s children.” And she “loved being a Mother.” She said the children called her “Momela”. Anyway, she led her audience to believe that she mothered these kids. I looked her up. She married her husband when the son was in his 3rd year of college and the daughter was in 10th grade and they actually lived with their biological Mother, except for normal visits with their father — so much for Motherhood. …

I had just been elected to the State Assembly in 1994 and, at that time, the ultimate “power broker” that controlled every aspect of California’s state government was the Speaker of the House, Willie Brown. He ran Sacramento like it was his own personal fiefdom and handed out jobs to loyalists and fired people who were disloyal. He broke every ethical law in the book, but was never held to account by anyone. He was married, but openly had mistresses which he showed off by bringing them to public events.

At the time I arrived in Sacramento, Willie was seeing a young girl who was in her late 20’s. He was in his 60’s. She was his mistress and he showered her with gifts and appointed her to a number of State government jobs. Her name was Kamala Harris. Willie launched her political career because she was having sex with him. The idea that she is an “independent” woman who worked her way up the political ladder because she worked hard is baloney. It is common knowledge in California that Kamala slept her way into powerful political jobs.

And now she is running for VP with a man who will be unable to govern due to his lack of mental clarity. In essence, she will function as the President of the United States should the Biden/Harris ticket prevail this November. …

She believes illegal aliens are eligible to ALL government services, including education, welfare benefits, health care, you name it. In other words, she does NOT believe there is a difference between a citizen and a non-citizen. …

She will be the most radical person to run for VP in American history, but you won’t see any of this on the news. You will soon witness a massive campaign by the media to deceive you about who she is and what she believes. Don’t fall for it.

At least Hillary worked her way to the top without using sex. Oh yeah, except that she probably wouldn’t have got far in politics if she wasn’t married to Bill Clinton, who was twice elected US President. So there you go.

hat-tip Stephen Harper

China continues to build new efficient coal plants, now has half the world’s electricity-from-coal capacity

China continues to build new efficient coal plants, now has half the world’s electricity-from-coal capacity.

Think the world is phasing out coal? Not all the world. From Mapped: The world’s coal power plants:

Some 80 countries use coal to generate electricity, up from 66 in 2000. Since then, 15 countries have added coal capacity for the first time and one country — Belgium — has phased it out.

Another 19 countries — responsible for 5% of current capacity — have pledged to phase out coal as part of the “Powering Past Coal Alliance”, led by the UK and Canada. This now officially includes Germany, home to the world’s fifth-largest coal fleet and some 2% of the global total. Meanwhile, 13 countries hope to join the coal power club in future, including Egypt …

China had 49.1% of the world’s electricity-from-coal capacity in March 2020.

China has the largest coal fleet by far and is also home to the world’s heaviest concentration of coal plants, with around 100GW in a 250km radius along the Yangtze River delta around Shanghai. China is the world’s largest CO2 emitter and uses half the coal consumed each year.

Go figure.

On every count, Snowy 2.0 is a disaster in the making

On every count, Snowy 2.0 is a disaster in the making, by Ted Woodley and 36 other industry experts, including a bunch of engineers from the Snowy.

It is now even clearer that there are numerous alternatives that are lower cost, more efficient, quicker to construct, and incur fewer emissions and environmental impacts. …

Substantial evidence continues to emerge that further refutes the core claims of the project.

Details confirm that the Snowy 2.0 business case, issued almost two years ago by Snowy Hydro, was based on grossly inflated revenues and understated costs. Put simply, the federal government was presented with a profoundly flawed justification.

On the revenue side, the output of Snowy 2.0 from 2025 to 2042 is now forecast to be less than half the business case estimate

Not only has output been over-estimated by 100 per cent, Snowy 2.0 is not urgent or critical for the transition to renewable energy, nor itself “renewable”.

On the cost side, the business case estimate of $3.8bn to $4.5bn is understated, also by about 100 per cent. It has been disclosed that the estimate does not include all project costs, and has already been exceeded by a $5.1bn contract for just a portion of the works. …

It is now clear that Snowy 2.0 will never pay for itself. …

Battery costs are plummeting and are likely to continue to do so into the 2030s, crowding out pumped hydro. …

Your governments have conceded the inevitability of pest fish and pathogens being transferred from Talbingo Reservoir to Tantangara Reservoir and then throughout the Snowy Mountains and downstream rivers (Murrumbidgee, Murray, Snowy, Tumut). Native fish and recreational fishing will be devastated. A critically endangered species, stocky galaxias, will become extinct.

Slick video, but in reality it’s just another pointless green energy disaster.

Who’s getting rich from Snowy 2.0?

Media Criticizes Trump For Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines While Saving Baby From Oncoming Train

Media Criticizes Trump For Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines While Saving Baby From Oncoming Train, by the Babylon Bee.

Local and national media outlets are criticizing President Trump after he blatantly disregarded social distancing protocol while diving in front of a speeding train to save a baby who had fallen on the tracks.

According to eyewitnesses, a crowd watched in horror as Trump, who was not wearing a mask, ignored social distancing to grab the baby with his germy hands and leap out of the way of the oncoming train just seconds before being smashed. …

U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib also condemned the president’s actions. “I am clueless as to why Trump would do something so stupid,” she yelled to a group of Palestinian communist abortion activists. “It was just a baby anyway, not even a real person. And the baby was a suspected zionist. Trump’s blatant disregard for COVID procedures in saving this zionist baby is clearly a racist dog-whistle. We must impeach.”

“How about that save, huh?” Trump said to the media after the incident. “That baby — not a scratch on him! Not a scratch! Perfect save. I told you my hands were big. They saved a baby. You don’t have to thank me. Seriously, you don’t have to thank me. But you can thank me if you want. Feel free to thank me.” …

CNN is currently looking into the baby’s old tweets and investigating rumors that Trump later punched the baby in the Oval Office.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Donald Trump condems ‘decades of left-wing indoctrination’ in schools

Donald Trump condems ‘decades of left-wing indoctrination’ in schools, by Cameron Stewart.

Donald Trump has launched a scathing attack on what he called “decades of left-wing indoctrination’’ in schools that has taught Americans to be ashamed of their country.

In his most pointed campaign speech on America’s culture wars, the president linked the recent violence in US cities to an education system that he said taught hatred rather than patriotism.

“The left-wing rioting and mayhem are the direct result of decades of left-wing indoctrination in our schools,” Mr Trump told a conference on US history at Washington’s National Archives.

He said US schools and universities were teaching “Critical Race Theory’’ which taught young Americans that the US was a “wicked and racist nation’’ about which they should be ashamed.

“The left is attempting to divide Americans by race in the service of political power. By viewing every issue through the lens of race, they want to impose a new segregation and we must not allow that to happen,’’ he said.

“The crusade against American history is toxic propaganda, ideological poison that if not removed will dissolve the civic bonds that tie us together. It will destroy our country. …

“Teaching this horrible doctrine to our children is a form of child abuse in the truest sense of those words,” he said.

Trump’s right about that.

Trump is also an ex-Democrat who supported Bill Clinton as president, before the Democrats turned to identity politics and Marxism. There’s an awful lot of people who say that they didn’t leave the left, the left left them.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Biden’s Thought Police

Biden’s Thought Police, by Jon Schweppe.

The American mind is disorientated. It is in the midst of a regime crisis and the most contentious election in living memory. …

The elites in charge of our largest corporations providing us the platforms we use to communicate are doubling down on politically motivated censorship. They clearly seek to influence the results of the presidential election in 2020 such that the Democrat Party wins. …

At the beginning of September, the affiliated PAC for my organization, American Principles Project (APP), launched a $4 million digital ad campaign highlighting the extremism of Joe Biden on the issue of gender ideology.

One of the ads cites Biden’s support for the Equality Act, which would create a new protected class for “gender identity” that supersedes existing legal protections on the basis of biological sex … his interpretation of the Equality Act is not controversial. The Left openly claims that gender is a self-actualized identity which should indeed supersede biological sex.

Following our release, two left-wing activist groups — the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD — condemned the ad and called on Facebook to remove it from their platform, labeling it “deceitful” “misinformation.” Media Matters also threw a fit. But rather than trot out the “misinformation” trope, they opted for a different tactic from the well-worn Stalinist playbook: they called our ad “hate speech” …

Despite PolitiFact’s inability to identify factual problems with the ad [Senator Gary Peters and Joe Biden support legislation that would destroy girls’ sports.  — “That’s a prediction we can’t fact-check”] or ways in which it was misleading, Facebook decided to take matters into their own hands. On Tuesday morning, Facebook slapped a warning label on our ad, urging our target audience that the ad wasn’t providing enough context. By Tuesday night, Facebook had removed the ad entirely.

The justification? Previously, Facebook had indicated they would take down ads that failed to pass a fact check from one of their “independent” fact checkers. Obviously APP’s ad passed the fact check, which PolitiFact admits. So Facebook added a brand new category to justify taking down demonstrably truthful political ads like ours: “Missing Context.” This newly invented rating seems to suggest we didn’t do enough to explain our opponent’s point of view. Objectively, of course, that could be said of every single campaign advertisement in the history of American politics. It certainly could be applied to every campaign advertisement being run by Joe Biden this cycle.

Will Facebook take down this ad, where the Biden campaign slams Donald Trump for concerns over mail-in voting but fails to provide the important context that some states, like New Jersey, are planning to send mail-in ballots to every voter on their voter rolls, whether or not they have applied for absentee ballots? …

Big censor has landed:

But let’s get real. We all know that’s not going to happen. Biden’s ads are up. Ours are down. And there’s a reason for that.

This new “Missing Context” label is a way for Facebook to interfere directly in our elections with yet another thin pretense of “objectivity.” …

This wasn’t a fact check. This was an ideology check. Are we to start airing our opponents’ arguments in full in our paid advertising?

And let’s be honest: there’s a more pressing reason for Facebook to remove our advertisement. The Left was absolutely terrified of it, and for good reason: it was working. As Media Matters pointed out, we were getting millions of impressions. We were targeting key swing voters in Michigan, perhaps the most important state for President Trump to win in November.

But that’s all for naught now. We’ll produce a new ad, and Facebook will reject that one, too. Maybe Politifact can write it for us. But then, of course, the goalposts will move again.

Big Tech has appointed itself the sole arbiter of our elections, and American Principles Project PAC is not allowed to participate. Social conservatives are not allowed to participate. Anodyne Republicans will soon not be allowed to participate.

Rod Dreher:

This is a garden-variety example of soft totalitarianism. Nobody is going to throw Jon Schweppe into a gulag. He’s just not going to be able to say anything against the Equality Act.

It’s Facebook today, but you know it’s not going to stop there. Woke Capitalism — including tech and media giants — will increasingly stop at nothing to control the narrative and suppress truth, or at least dissent. Expect this to get worse — especially if Donald Trump wins re-election.

The left say Facebook is a private company and can therefore publish or ban whomever it pleases.

  1. Then that makes Facebook a publisher, not a platform. Therefore they should be held responsible for what they publish. But at the moment, under US law, Facebook cannot be sued for content because it is deemed to be a platform.
  2. The left does not allow a baker — also a private business — to decline to put a pro-gay message on a cake if asked. One law for the left, one law for the rest.

This has passed beyond the reasonable stage, past any pretense of fairness. This is just a naked power grab now.

Conservatives and normals are being banned from influencing the direction of our society through the media or Internet. The only recourses are drastic but obvious.

The social and professional pressures on journalists not to ask Biden any hard questions

The social and professional pressures on journalists not to ask Biden any hard questions, by Stephen Miller.

So why the tepid treatment of Biden by the media? It must go beyond simple bias or personal animosity for the current President.

For almost four years now, journalists have shamed their colleagues and themselves over what I will call the ‘but her emails’ dilemma. Those who reported dutifully on the ill-timed federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server and spillage of classified information have been cast out and shunted away from the journalist cool kids’ table.

Many in the media … believe their friends and colleagues helped put Trump in the White House by focusing on a nothing-burger of a Clinton scandal when they should have been highlighting Trump’s foibles. It’s an error no journalist wants to repeat.

Simply put: no journalist wants to be the one to quiz Biden on his record on criminal justice, his campaign staff bailing out rioters in Minneapolis, the handsiness allegations, his cozy family relationships with China, his involvement in the Flynn unmasking, or anything else that might trip up the one man standing between them and Trump’s second term.

The journalist who asks the question that makes Uncle Joe stroke out at the podium would be treated as a professional leper. No book deals. No CNN or MSNBC contributor contracts. No cocktail parties.

Especially don’t ask if this guy is competent:

At least Hillary was competent.