Trump Supporter Killed By Antifa in Portland

Trump Supporter Killed By Antifa in Portland. By RT.

Several hundred vehicles rolled into the streets of Portland on Saturday evening, many displaying Trump/Pence 2020 flags. …

As the avant-garde of the caravan entered Portland, it was met by Black Lives Matter protesters, lining the sidewalks. Videos have emerged showing activists throwing projectiles at cars and burning Trump campaign banners, with pro-Trump demonstrators responding by macing them with pepper spray and firing paintball guns.

Joel Pollack:

The New York Times reported Saturday night that the victim of a deadly shooting in downtown Portland, Oregon, earlier that evening was wearing a hat associated with “Patriot Prayer,” a right-wing group.

Dead Trump supporter:

Paul Joseph Watson:

The suspect in the murder of a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland last night posted “I’m 100% Antifa” on his personal Instagram page.

A member of the Patriot Prayer group, which was involved in counter-protests against Black Lives Matter and Antifa last night, was gunned down at 8:45pm near Southwest Third Avenue and Alder Street.

A man is heard on camera yelling “we’ve got a Trumper here” before two gunshots blast out.

Leftist protesters then celebrated the murder, hailing that they’d taken out the “trash”.

The identity of the alleged shooter was later revealed to be snowboarding instructor Michael Reinoehl, who according to his social media profile is a hardcore leftist. …

No prominent Democrat or leftist activist has denounced last night’s murder thus far.

Joe Biden Says Trump ‘Incitement’ Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter in Portland, by Joel Pollack.

Former Vice President Joe Biden issued a statement Sunday afternoon in which he blamed President Donald Trump for “incitement” that led to the shooting death of an apparent Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday evening. …

Biden did not cite any specific statement or action by the president other than tweeting about “law and order.”

Notably, Biden has campaigned on a false claim that Trump praised neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, whom Trump “condemned totally.”

Biden has also said that he would “beat the hell out of Trump” if they were in high school.

Dems and truth are not a happy marriage at the moment.

Dems also seem pretty unhappy with America right now. I wonder if that sentiment will be returned in the next elections?

Three shot dead in the last week at two different “protests”. So what is going to happen at the next “protest”? Will the left and right both come armed? Then what?

hat-tip Stephen Neil