Our BLM Jihadis

Our BLM Jihadis, by David Cole.

Of course, there are some very non-suicidal folks — Democrat operatives — who think they can control and “guide” the mob. Vox’s Matty Yglesias is one of the most mediocre thinkers on the national political stage today. But it’s his dim-wittedness that makes him interesting. He’s too dumb to stay on point, too dense to know what he’s “supposed to” say. Every now and then, he tweets things that challenge leftist orthodoxy or, worse, give away too much of the game. That’s why he routinely nukes his entire feed. And right before deleting his entire feed (again) on July 7, he tweeted this frighteningly honest appraisal of how the Democrats could capitalize on the riots:

“Wide open lane for Biden to argue explicitly (and accurately) that it’s Trump’s approach to governance that is fueling left-wing radicalism and the cure is to elect a normal president & congress.”

In other words, “As long as Trump is president, our BLM and Antifa allies will continue to wreak havoc. Get rid of Trump, give us the Senate, and the ‘left-wing radicalism’ problem will vanish.” I don’t think Yglesias has the cognitive skills to comprehend how balls-out cynical that strategy is. In fact, it’s very Mafia-like: “Just do business with us, and your leftist thug ‘difficulties’ will magically disappear.”

But will the fanatics be as easy to control as Yglesias suggests? This mirrors a problem that’s long plagued Arab leaders. Muslim madmen make great shock troops, until they turn on you. After all, fanatics with purity tests and an inability to “agree to disagree” will eventually see even their benefactors as infidels in need of “cleansing.” …

BLM fanaticism mimics Muslim extremism, especially Palestinian extremism, in several ways, from the belief that no body count is too high in the quest to reclaim what’s been “stolen,” to a willingness to sacrifice their children for the holy war.

Read it all.

Trump needs to do something tough, or voters will see that rioters have free rein under Trump — so voting Trump is not the answer to ending the rioting. Voting Biden might end the violence. Sometime before the election Trump will realize this, and send in the troops somewhere.

Several months ago the Dems probably figured that if there was rioting then authoritarian and fascist Trump would send in the troops, which would both end the violence and prove them correct that Trump was authoritarian and fascist. So they instructed their shock troops to riot, and the Dem mayors to pull back the police and let it happen.

But Trump didn’t take the bait. Democrat cities just got trashed, and the rioting is building into a nasty cycle of violence.

UPDATE: Makes the point that the rioters are all Biden voters: