Shy Voters: Over 10% Of Trump Voters Won’t Admit Preferences To Pollsters

Shy Voters: Over 10% Of Trump Voters Won’t Admit Preferences To Pollsters, by Tyler Durden.

A new study from CloudResearch reveals that 11.7% of Republicans won’t admit their political preferences to pollsters – which is more than twice the number of Democrats at just 5.4%.

CloudResearch also found that “10.5% of Independents fell into the “shy voter” category, just a percentage point lower than how Republicans react to phone polls.”

When asked why they wouldn’t be truthful in their responses, “shy” respondents cited six concerns:

  1. A lack of trust in phone polls as truly being anonymous.
  2. An apprehension to associate their phone numbers with recorded responses.
  3. Fear that their responses will become public in some manner.
  4. Fear of reprisal and related detrimental impact to their financial, social, and family lives should their political opinions become publicly known.
  5. A general dislike of phone polls.
  6. Malicious intent to mislead polls due to general distrust of media and political pundits (though a sentiment expressed only by a few “shy voters”). …

Who can blame the silent majority — with Trump supporters having been actively targeted with violence and harassment in restaurants, at their homes, and walking in public.

Between egregious oversampling of Democrats by polling companies, and Republicans won’t admit to supporting Trump, it’s no wonder the polls have been dead wrong since 2016.

The most prominent non-PC news at the moment is nearly all about political violence against traditional native white populations. At last, something different!

The odds on Trump winning the election from RealClearPolitics show betting, not polls (but remember that many bettors are informed by the polls, so even the betting odds are also biased against Trump):