“Black Lives Matter Most,” Says Lauded Medical Doctor

“Black Lives Matter Most,” Says Lauded Medical Doctor, by David Cole.

Last week, a physician declared on network TV that black lives matter more than other lives, and nobody cared. Nobody batted an eye. After months of activists, entertainers, sports stars, and politicians prioritizing black lives over white ones, we’ve grown so used to it, no one even notices when that point of view is expressed by someone actually entrusted with human lives.

Welcome to the asylum, where we no longer care that the doctors are as crazy as the inmates.

Dr. Brian Richardson is a urologist and chief of robotic and minimally invasive surgery at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Ala. He took his residency at Tulane, and he’s a member of the American Urological Association. Along with colleague Dr. Jeff Nix (a Birmingham urologic oncologist), Richardson (who is white) hatched a brilliant idea: Doctors should start wearing black scrubs because apparently blacks are such tiny-minded creatures, the mere sight of a white person wearing a black piece of clothing makes them exclaim with joy, “That look like me! Him wear me color! Him friend, him cares. Me feel proud and happy.”

In normal times, such arrogant condescension would be considered racist. In 2020, it’s called “allyship.”

Dr. Richardson has called on all medical professionals in America to wear black scrubs in a “show of unity” on Aug. 28, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Because, if I’m not mistaken, King stressed the importance of judging people by the color of their clothing.

The author wrote to Dr. Richardson, asking him to explain his comment (that “black lives matter most”) and maybe give his reasons or perhaps walk it back:

At no time during our exchange did Richardson address his actual statement. He either deflected from it, attacked my motives for bringing it up, or attacked CBS for highlighting it. But at no point did he say, “I misspoke.” Because he didn’t. He’s a physician who believes what he said: Black lives matter most.

And CBS … believe that too. Which is why that’s the one line from Richardson’s interview they wanted America to hear. And the fact that the message was so passively received aptly demonstrates just how primed we are for the new apartheid.

The new apartheid? Segregation is already a fact in many leftist run institutions. But history suggests that the chances are that the left will switch to some other mascot group and lose interest in blacks in a few years. Then reverse the latest changes in a few decades. All in the name of “progress,” all the while being on the “right side of history.”