Bad Marriage, Australia to blame

Bad Marriage, Australia to blame. By Ben Packham.

The worsening relationship between China and Australia is like a bad marriage where one partner is almost entirely to blame, according to Beijing’s deputy ambassador in Canberra, who delivered an astonishing speech on Wednesday in which he labelled Australia as treacherous and disrespectful.

Wang Xining said Australia had betrayed China by calling for an independent inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus — even comparing the disloyalty to a Shakespearean tragedy — before he delivered a bizarre defence of Beijing’s growing political and cultural presence in Australia, and dismissed questions about his country’s controversial Thousand Talents Plan. …

Mr Wang said Australia was responsible for the worsening relationship between the countries, declaring China respected Australia and “naturally, China expects reciprocity”.

“China does not interfere in Australia’s internal affairs, nor do we have any intention to change Australia’s political and social culture,” he said.

“We are not trying to replace your prime minister with a presidential system. We are not asking Hungry Jack’s to sell Chinese dumplings.”

How come communism has always involved having to accept utter nonsense as truths?