Trump Tackles His Handling of Covid Directly

Trump Tackles His Handling of Covid Directly.

Trump’s response may not have been perfect, but the Democrat’s response was clearly worse.

The swamp prevented Trump from closing borders, and prevented even the public mention of the importance of closing borders. The swamp thereby sabotaged the US lockdowns, rendering them largely ineffective. Got to close the borders to get rid of the virus in an area.

Every other advanced country closed its borders during its lockdown, and every other advanced country’s lockdown succeeded in nearly eliminating the virus. They “crushed” the curve, not merely “flattened” it. Even the UK, which initially failed to close its borders but later figured it out, eventually succeeded in crushing the curve. Just not the US.

Amazingly, the right wing in the US haven’t spotted this yet. Instead, they became too invested in claiming lockdowns don’t work. How the left and China must be laughing at them.