If Republicans had Gonads

If Republicans had Gonads, by Mark Tapscott.

They would greet Nancy Pelosi the next time she appears on the floor of the House of Representatives with the chant “Apologize! Apologize!” and then walk out in unison when she refuses.

They cannot simply give her a pass on her declaration that Trump and Republicans in Congress are “enemies of the state,” not after what happened to Steve Scalise and others on June 14, 2017, and with radical left-wingers rioting in the streets of America.

Words have specific meaning and consequences. Pelosi knows Democrats could control both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue come January 2021. Her declaration makes clear it is not only Trump Derangement Syndrome but obsessive hatred of all opposition. What is she laying the predicate for should her party regain control of both branches? Blood politics?

Asking for a friend.

This is not politics as usual in the US. It feels more like an African election, where the victor hands their supporters the economic spoils of government and there are no more free elections. If the Democrats win they will use administrative fiat to give all illegal immigrants the vote, and America will be never be like it was again.

Furthermore, the woke will rule. As we know well, the woke do not discuss issues or compromise, because that would lend legitimacy to their opposition. Democracy would be over, and woke Marxism would reign.

The America haters are possibly going to win permanently at this election.