How Joe Biden could blow it and hand victory to Donald Trump

How Joe Biden could blow it and hand victory to Donald Trump, by Robert Gottliebsen.

Trump needs a major Biden stumble. …

The Democrat organisers were horrified over the weekend when Biden committed what they believed was a gaff — vowing that if the infection rate rose sharply, Biden would shut down the US economy. A lot of Biden small business supporters and their employees were horrified: they don’t want to go through another deep slump.

Second, Biden is promising a green revolution and the model for that revolution is in California — the home of Biden’s vice president nomination, Kamala Harris. Like NSW, Victoria and South Australia, California invested heavily in renewables without sufficient back-up. So in the hot summer months the state is suffering blackouts. Many Americans fear that Biden will make the same mistake as California in his proposed green revolution.

Thirdly, Biden is planning big tax rises for corporations and richer Americans. … Biden has a major capital investment program that is very much orientated towards American minorities and he proposes to minimise inequality by spending massive amounts of money.

Many black and other American minority voters who have developed businesses and taken the first steps on the higher income ladder are horrified that they are being persecuted by the professional protesters. This is a Biden danger. …

Finally, again from California, there is state legislation that effectively bans independent contracting and forces independent contractors into an employee relationship instead of a contracting relationship.

Biden and Harris plan to extend the Californian bans on independent contracting throughout the US. Already Californian courts have moved to use the legislation to force Uber to change the relationship with its drivers so that they become employees. The matter is still before the courts but Uber is threatening to pull out of the highly lucrative California market. A great many Americans supplement their base income by using their cars via the Uber network. Those employed by large corporations tend to see the California legislation as a way of protecting lower income earners. But a vast number of Uber drivers are about to lose their income, which has an eerie similarity to Bill Shorten’s franking credits disaster. The Californian IT industry is threatened.