The Taboos of Political Correctness

The Taboos of Political Correctness, by the Z-Man.

A good way to have your life destroyed is to go around breaking taboos, especially the ones that matter to the people in charge. Start talking race realism at your office and you not only get fired, you become unemployable. Break the taboo against fighting back against left-wing street thugs and you could end up in prison.

Breaking taboos works only when a critical mass of people decides to break the taboo and a larger set of people are ready to join them.

Without popular or institutional support, the taboo breaker ends up enforcing the taboo. He gets hauled out in front of the crowd and is properly punished. The crowd sees it and the point is made. If you don’t want to end up like the guy being made into an example, don’t break the taboo.

Rosa Parks would not be known to us without the support of the ruling class. Her taboo breaking was welcomed by the people in charge. …

Most of the current taboos are deliberately conceived to contradict religion and tradition, which are dismissed as white privilege.

The normal impulse to be around those with whom you have something in common has been anathematized in order to damage the normal functioning of society.

Sending men dressed as women into the schools, while demanding everyone celebrate it, is nothing more than an outlandish rebuke of religion and tradition. Its only purpose is spite.

And who makes the taboos today? The megaphone, which has fallen almost entirely under leftist control:

The only authority for the current taboos is the force wielded by the taboo makers. They have control of the institutions and use that power to enforce these taboos on society.

The taboos being enforced by political correctness were chosen by the woke to delegitimize society, in preparation for its fundamental transformation.

A “fundamental transformation” used to be known as a revolution, and the woke were once called “communists” or “Marxists”.